Spring Fashion Trend Alert

Every season sees a staple piece that takes over every single store and seems to end up in all of closets or drawers. From Summer into Fall, and even into the winter months, tops and bandeaus with a low cut, crossed straps across the bust, or even a “lace up” look were the it thing. Half of my closet is now adorned with strappy tops that have instantly become my favorite.The quick arrival of Spring may have you thinking about what new statement shirts you’ll be on the lookout for. So what should be on your radar?

Cut out shoulders

You may have seen it already, but tops with the shoulders cut out are all the rage. It’s a cute little way to remind people you have shoulders, in case they forgot. But really, these tops are super cute even while being incredibly casual and ultimately comfortable. This is such a huge trend that even tops that don’t make sense to turn into this specific style are missing fabric at the shoulders. If you haven’t picked one up just yet, don’t worry, they can be found at almost every store.


Okay, so this one may seem like a no brainer. It’s spring, flowers are soon to be blooming and you’re finally ready to strip yourself of your oversized sweats and all-black-everything attitude so of course you’re going to be wearing pastels. But it seems this year that the most beautiful shade of blue, think baby, and a very soft pink are among the trendier of the colors. That being said, any pastel is a good one for spring time and will instantly make you look like a goddess.

Off the shoulder

They’re a pain in your butt, but they’re oh-so-cute. Off the shoulder tops are the best way to say- without saying it out loud- that you’re feeling casual but you look like a million bucks. They’re so hard to keep off of your shoulders where they actually belong. These tops can found all over the place, and some stores even have a selection of 20 different colored or patterned tops, all in the same style.

Of course, there are spring staples that are go to’s for any year. Rompers, tanks, and denim jackets will almost always be in style but if you’re looking for something to spice up your wardrobe as the days get warmer, hit up any store to find some of these spring trends.