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I Am Against the Muslim Ban

On Saturday, Jan. 28, the United States was shown the true colors of Donald Trump and his staff.

The President of the United States signed into action a 90-day ban against immigrants from seven countries- including Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. He also issued a 120-day ban against any refugees, which mainly come from Syria.

So why target these nations? These are nations that have never had a citizen attack on United States soil. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is home to many terrorists that have carried out attacks in the United States.

However, it’s clear that Trump has investments in the countries that he didn’t ban in the Middle East.

No matter what, there shouldn’t be a ban. It doesn’t make the United States safer. In reality, it’s just another recruitment method for ISIS and other terrorist organizations.

Speaking of which, these terrorist organizations and the terrorists that perform acts of mass terror should not be referred to as “Islamic radical terrorists.” They are just terrorists. Sure, throw in the word “radical” if you must, but do not throw in the word “Islamic.” Those terrorists do not speak for Islam and should not represent an entire mass of people.

Think about the people in those seven countries and the refugees. Imagine being in their shoes, wanting to leave for a better opportunity. Doesn’t that ring a bell? We’re all children of immigrants. Why should we be allowed in the country while a new wave of immigrants is being denied entry to the United States?

The United States is a place that claims they are the most diverse nation, but are now shutting the door on a new wave of immigrants. Let’s talk about the refugees for a minute, especially the ones from Syria. These are people that need help, as their own government is firing guns and bombs on them.

You’ve seen the children, burned and bloody. Are we going to deny those innocent children? Are we going to deny the mothers and fathers that are trying to help their families escape terror and give their children a better life?

Why are we denying people that need our help? That’s not an American value.

I am not arguing that background checks are a bad thing. I think they’re a great asset to keeping America safe. People that earn green cards, visas and citizenship are obviously subjected to massive background checks. What’s offensive and unconstitutional- which, by the way, were the words of Vice President Mike Pence during a 2015 tweet- is banning Muslim people based on their religion and Middle Eastern people based on the color of their skin.

I’ve mentioned multiple times to readers that I am a foreigner. I’m from Russia, but was born to a Middle Eastern father, from one of the seven countries that is being denied entry to the U.S. While this doesn’t affect me directly, due to my American citizenship, this still affects me personally. How unfair it is to sit in front of the TV and see people that share the same skin color as me- and possibly the same blood as me- being denied entry into the country I grew up in and love, due to its diversity.

This is exactly what Pence said in 2015: unconstitutional and offensive. Families are being torn apart, and racism/prejudice is growing because of this. Islamophobia is through the roof, which is horrible. Last time I checked, Christians and Jewish people also commit mass acts of terrorism (look at what happened in Quebec City during the shooting at a mosque).

Why are we singling out one group of people? That’s not the American way. We are a country based from immigrants. Immigrants are people just like us. Refugees are people just like us.

Remember, no matter what, we all still bleed red.

Rachael McKriger, a junior at California University of Pennsylvania, is a contributor to HerCampus. In addition, McKriger is the Editor In Chief of her college newspaper, The California Times. She also serves a sports writer and the News Editor for the paper. At Cal U, McKriger is majoring in English with a concentration in Journalism and minoring in Sociology. Outside of school, McKriger is a sports writer for Pittsburgh Sporting News, Pittsburgh Sports Castle, Real Sports Entertainment Network, and Politically Incorrect Sports Talk (all websites). She covers topics including the Pittsburgh Riverhounds, Pittsburgh Steelers, Arizona Cardinals, Pittsburgh Pirates, Pitt Panthers Basketball, the MLS, the U.S. Men's and Women's National Teams, the NWSL, the NBA, the NFL, and other sports related topics. You can follow her on Twitter, @TheeMcKriger, and find her articles on Facebook by searching "Rachael McKriger: NFL/Soccer." McKriger can also be found on Facebook under McKriger Photography, a photography company she started in March of 2016.
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