Yolanda Giron '15

Name: Yolanda Giron

Age: I am 22 years old.

Major: I am a Television, Film and Media major with option in Broadcast Journalism.

Hometown: Pomona, CA

Relationship Status: I am in a relationship. His name is Eric Garcia and he is also a student here at Cal State LA, which is where we met.

Describe yourself in three words: sensitive, hopeful, and I love laughing.

What does your day usually look like?

Well I’m usually running errands for my mom because she can’t drive so I do a lot of dropping and picking stuff up but its all good because she loves me and she feeds me! If it's not too late I go to work for a few hours. I work pretty far so when I go to work during the weekdays I try to do it early enough so that I don’t hit too much traffic on the way back home. If I don’t go to work I spend a lot of time on my computer, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and of course, entertainment news outlets. I aim more towards the Instagrams, Twitters and Facebooks because I think that is where you get the quickest information and I just start jotting down the things that I think would make good content for future shows.

If a film was made about you, which actress would play you?

I have no idea.

What is your personal anthem?

Dream Life, Life by Colbie Calliet! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT SONG! It's like the definition of my life and goals.

If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?


What is your favorite place in Los Angeles?

I really like the Griffith Observatory. I like walking through the sides where all the quarter telescopes are at and just take pictures and check out the city. It’s a pretty cool thing.

What qualities does your boyfriend have that you absolutely adore?

I love that he has a sense of humor that is different than most. He is very sarcastic but sometimes his sarcasm doesn’t translate so nobody gets his jokes, that always cracks me up because he always

takes the chance anyway lol he really is funny though. He always helps me when I need his help, he is patient; when I get mad he is usually the one to make sure the argument doesn’t go on for too long. And last but not least he likes all my posts on social media... JK but I absolutely adore a lot about him.

What is the most romantic thing that he's done for you?

Well, he really isn’t the two-hundred-rose-bouquet serenade your women type of guy, but he is very thoughtful. I have yet to get a gift from him that did not have any meaning to it. He’s all about the notes that are gonna probably make me cry of emotion. I mean obviously that is not his intention but I really appreciate that sort of thing, and every time there is a special occasion going on he’s all over that.

What is your favorite part about being a Golden Eagle?

The people. I have met some pretty awesome people here, including some pretty cool professors that truly care for the students. People here are pretty self-motivated, I mean of course there is always a few downers but I think that for the most part Cal State L.A. really is full of humble hardworking people that just want to succeed and they are making it happen.

You're a DJ/Radio host on and off campus!  What is your favorite part about being in radio?

Connecting with people. I love people and I love entertaining. I love spreading happiness and I love that I get to wear sweat pants messy hair, crocs and sound like I’d dressed for the club or something.

You're graduating this quarter! What's a piece of advice you can give to fellow undergrad golden eagles?

Just work. Work really hard and stop thinking of a plan B or C unless it is going to help you accomplish your plan A. Honestly, believe in yourself and stop making excuses as to why it’s so impossible for you to accomplish your dreams and career goals, just work! Fix up your resume and get an internship send it everywhere! Do it NOW!!!