Tips on Having a Successful Career Fair

Now that it's time for some of us to get ready to graduate, it’s also the time for many to start looking for jobs. Thankfully, schools host career fairs for students to begin their journey out to the world. Careers fairs are a way for us to connect with employers when finding position that corresponds with the careers we want, or to simply gain more experience before going forward into the future. These days, it's all about the connections you make in career fairs that make a huge impact on your networking abilities. For the next career fair you want to attend, here are some tips that you can use to have a promising day.

Research the company

Before attending a career fair, a list is provided of companies that are coming in for career fair; use that list as your strategy. Having the knowledge of what companies do or what they provide sets you apart from other applicants. The recruiter will see you as someone who wants to work in the company or the position they have available. Once you have a list, craft notes about the company  and the positions they have available in the companies. By the time you introduce yourself to the recruiters and showcase the knowledge you have on the company and job, they’ll be impressed by dedication. 


Prepare your resume

Before the day of career fair, make sure your resume is update and current. Your resume is a summary your experience you have gained as a student. It would not be professional if the recruiter notices a typo or no contact information. Take the time to look at your information and ensure yourself that everything is updated and current. Once you update your resume, print out 20 or 30 resumes to hand them out to the recruiters at the career fair. You may never know if you’ll get a call to set up an interview in person.


Dress like you’re going for an interview

On the day of career fair, dress professionally like you would for an interview. Recruiters will see that you’re seriously looking to apply with their companies. Making sure that you dress either business professional or business casual will make you more likely to stand out in a large crowd. Never dress too casual for a career fair; professional look is the best way to go if you want to make an impression on the recruiter.


Don’t ask questions to answers found online

If you have any questions or comments about the job that you want, make sure not to ask questions where the answers that can be found online. Ask the recruiter to elaborate on the information you found in your research of the companies. Also don’t ask question like “What does your company do?” or “How much you do pay?” These sort of questions are unprofessional to ask the recruiter because it looks like you're not serious in applying in their companies. This is why research is the main key for a successful career fair and a call back. 


Never forget to say "thank you"   

Once you talk with the recruiter, don’t forget to say "thank you" to the recruiter. Saying "thank you" to the recruiter and following it up with a "thank you" email will show the recruiter your seriousness for the jobs at their company.


For more information on making the best of your school's career fair, contact with your Career Center to find out more information on the next career fair and how to make the best of it.