#TBT: Golden Eagle Week Recap

Pop-up Park

The first day back on campus, the Pop-up Park was situated next to the Physical Education Building. Golden Eagle Radio provided music while the Associated Students, Inc. gave out planners, sunglasses, highlighters as well as information to interested students. The Center for Student Involvement was also present handing out information and prizes to students. At certain times there were scheduled warm-up Pilates and Zumba for students to participate in, those that did participate had the chance to get a juice from the Juicebox truck brought to campus for the event. Students were also given the chance to play lawn games such as giant checkers, jenga, etc. and do some rock climbing, which many had others record on their social medias to make other students aware of the event.

Comedy Night

Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company the stars of the stage, began the event by interviewing a student whom was questioned about his major, classes, and family life. Although in the beginning it appeared to just be an awkward interview, a couple minutes in they finally ended the questioning and began to take places on stage. The interview was done to gain material used in the improv skit, using the student’s family life information as well as his major and classes, which were music based. They poked fun at his Musicianship class and his statement about his freshman year roommates that never seemed to be around when he was home, as if they were hiding from him. They used all the info that was acquired and turned it into a magnificent performance that ended back where it started, but taking some very crazy and unexpected turns.

Golden Eagle Fest

Many of the organizations and clubs on campus came out to table and recruit for the upcoming year filling the walkway with students. Greek organizations and interest clubs approached students and spoke to them about the benefits of being more involved on campus. Food trucks filled the plaza providing students with alternatives from the regular on-campus eateries.

House of Blues

Thursday night was wild! DJ Noodles, or as major fans call her DJ Noodz, had all students and staff dancing their hearts out. There were dance battles all around and it seemed as though everybody nearby was swaying to the beat. Once the clock struck 8 it was time for DJ Noodz to say goodbye, but students weren’t having it and called for one more song. Students lined up to take pictures before Nina Sky took their place on stage. During their performance it appeared as though the audience were in a trance and once the night ended students lined up once again to take picture with Nina Sky.

Movie on the Green

The Center for Student Involvement provided the event with popcorn, a concession stand, DIY donut key chain workshop and Zootopia coloring station. There were students present with their family excited for the regardful family event, children painted, colored and enjoyed their snacks. Some prizes such as Golden Eagle Week t-shirts were tossed to the audience which caused more excitement to grow. Students in housing brought their blankets to keep warm during the chilly night as they watched Zootopia.