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Table for 1: Treat Yo Self

If you’re familiar with the show Parks and Recreation, you have probably have heard the term “Treat Yo’ Self”. Its a day entitling to celebrating yourself and how awesome you are, filled with zero regrets. 

  A few weeks ago I found myself walking the streets of Pasadena purchasing art supplies. I noticed numerous cafes, restaurants and retail stores within the perimeter. I felt tempted to walk into any restaurant but hesitated because I didn’t want to be ‘that person’, you know, the person who sits alone at the weird table thats facing the wall only room enough for 1. While walking towards my parked car I thought to myself “Treat yo’ self girl! You deserve it! Who cares if they judge” and so I did. After walking by several cafes I stopped at one, ordered my food and sat at a table outside. I will admit my initial reaction was “What the heck am I doing, it looks like I’m waiting for someone to come join me. I know I should’ve just gotten this to go”. Once my order arrived I proceeded to eat like it was nobodies business. However I wasn’t done yet with treating myself. I walked into Lush, for the first time, and decided to spoil myself with some bath bombs and some lotion. I felt like a Boss B walking out with shopping bags all for myself. To conclude my “Treat Yo Self Day” I stopped by and got myself an ice cream churro all for myself. 

What I learned from that day is that you should always love yourself no matter what, look at yourself in the mirror and say how amazing you are. It never hurts to treat yourself for being the goddess that you are. Ladies, go spoil yourself! Eat at your favorite restaurant, order whatever the heck you want, buy whatever you want. What ever you decide to do on your treat yo’ self day, OWN IT. 

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Monica Tamayo

Cal State LA

  Just a TVF-Broadcasting major trying to make it in Los Angeles.  Lover of Target, boba milk tea and memes
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