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Style Icon of the Week: Emma Stone

Emma Stone has deserved the place as Style Icon of the Week after such fabulous choices in fashion. The 26-year-old actress has come through as an evolved Hollywood fashionista. This showstopper red head has a simplicity factor in her style that makes her look timeless, elegant, and modern at the same time. Features like her flawless porcelain skin, auburn hair, and red lips bring out a memorial trademark in her style as well.  As much as we love her every day relaxed and fashion forward outfits, we simply cannot get enough of the red carpet mania she brings. Emma shines with full-length dresses, but is not afraid to try a new design every now and then. Strutting so chic, Emma Stone walked and posed across the fabulous red carpet for the Golden Globe awards with a beautiful Lanvin jumpsuit sequined bustier and beautiful bow tied to he back.  Surprises are meant to look like this! It’s tasteful and it’s a showstopper.

Street Style

Red Carpet

Roxana is a Senior at California State University, Los Angeles majoring in Fashion Merchandising and is in process of completing three other certificates: Retailing, Marketing, and Social Media. She is a fashion columnist for the campus newspaper, University Times, and is the former President of the Fashion Association of Design Students. As a fashion enthusiast, she follows countless numbers of blogs and magazines, loves food and cooking, dancing Latin music, and spending time with her family and friends.
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