Spring Break Essentials 2016

With the end of another hectic and busy quarter, a well-deserved spring break was needed!  Here are a few of our favorite things that our Cal State L.A. collegiettes used over spring break:

Beauty Products-

Some of our collegiettes spent some time under the sun on the beach over spring break, and relied on Tresemme's Beauty Full Volume shampoo and conditioner to help keep their hair healthy and voluminous.  


Another favorite thing to do over spring break as far as our beauty routines went was adding a pop of spring on our eyes with Milani's ultra fine liquid eyeliners.  Emerald Glisten and Sparkling Turquoise were some of our go-to's!



There are so many beautiful purses in the world, but Vera Bradley's line is one of our top faves.  Some of our collegiettes had fun styling this multi-colored bag with their spring break wardrobe.  It's super cute and super versatile, plus there was plenty of room for all of our spring break essentials! Shop for more Vera Bradley purses here: http://www.verabradley.com/


Another thing our collegiettes loved wearing over spring break were Brappz accessories as bra straps, jewelery and shoelaces! Find more Brappz styles here: https://brappz.com/



Something that some of our collegiettes kept in their purses over spring break were some of these AZO Cranberry Gummies.  They were perfect to snack on while supporting urinary track health. 


Things we did-

Some of us travelled or made future travel plans with CEA study abroad.

And some of our collegiettes used these Circle Vouchers on some of our spring break adventures! 

Thanks so much, Her Campus for these Spring Break essentials!