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Row: President of “Creatives”

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re profiling awesome ladies that are making a different on campus! Row may be a recent transfer student, but she’s been making waves as soon as she has stepped on campus. While she holds a busy lifestyle with an internship and full load of classes, she has also made time to start a new club called the “Creatives!” Read on to find out more about this promising student! 
What is your major? How did you become interested in it?
I am obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Public Relations focus, and my minor in Fashion Merchandising. I have always been passionate about fashion, since I was about 10 years old. I would plan my couture wedding dress and yes, I knew what couture was back then. Slowly I began to understand the fashion industry and loved the process of sketching out apparel, making it, and showcasing it through runways. With Communications, I’ve always been a people-person, never shy away from a great conversation and a chance to meet someone awesome. I instantly fell in love with my Comm classes I took for GE credits and I decided to pursue a career in Comm. With that, I decided to combine my two ultimate passions in order prepare myself to work in PR for the fashion industry. 
What made you want to move from San Francisco to Los Angeles?
Los Angeles is the home of art and fashion, besides New York. I wasn’t ready to move cross country, so I decided to move to the world of Hollywood, beaches, fashion, and art, and I love it here. It’s always sunny, the waters at the beaches are warm enough to swim in, and there’s always something to do. Whether I’m taking snaps of a photoshoot or murals around LA or I’m exploring the nightlife scene, attending opening receptions and private company parties. 
What extracurricular activities are you a part of on campus?
I’m the Fashion Reporter for the University Times, Cal State L.A.’s newspaper, keeping all my fashion obsessed babes and dudes up to date on the latest that is going on. I have also started a club at Cal State L.A. called the “Creatives.” We have been preparing for the official launch of the club, hopefully starting at the beginning of Spring Quarter. 
What inspired you to start the Creatives? What goals do you have for the club?
I wanted to create a platform for the creators of Cal State L.A. to be able to express themselves with no limits. There are some aspects in the Fine Arts department that are not known throughout the school including photography, art, graphic design, and even fashion. The way I see these concepts through my eyes is not how everyone else sees it, which is a shame because we live 10 min away from the fashion district and it’s heartbreaking to know that many people don’t know of it. Or how there are three major museums and hundreds of galleries that students are not aware of. I want Cal State L.A. to realize the importance of these aspects. Audrey Hepburn would probably not have been a fashion icon if it weren’t for Hubert de Givenchy; brands like NY based, Supreme, would not have the iconic text font with the red background if it wasn’t for American conceptual artist, Barbara Kruger; GQ, Vogue, Rolling Stone, and many other magazines and fashion designers would not have been able to present the essence of their work if it weren’t for photographer, Terry Richardson; books and magazine covers, along with graphics for well known buildings such as the New York Times would not be there if it wasn’t for graphic designers like Michael Beirut, Alan Fletcher, etc. As with fashion, there’s so many elements that are not known within the school. It will take more than one sitting to explain.
How can people contact you if they would like to be involved?
They can email us at creatives.csula@gmail.com. We also have social media platforms they can contact us through. Our Instagram is creativesofla and our Twitter is creative_csula. 
What is your favorite part about interning? Do you think it will be a big help with your career?
Oh, definitely. I work at a digital media company where they focus on everything. They have many brands within the company with a particular focus, and the ones I assist in are Hollscoop, the entertainment media brand and Modamob, the fashion and beauty brand. I also take shots of BTS for interviews for my boss, Diana Madisons talk show, The Lowdown. 
You’re a fashion blogger! How long have you been blogging?
Haha unfortunately not that long, but it’s been a learning process for me a long the way. It’s been about a year now. 
What are the pros and cons of blogging?
There are so many cons to blogging, because it takes time, patience, dedication, research, time management, and passion. Many people think it’s easy to blog about something, but it actually takes me a few weeks to perfect my article to put up on my blog. There’s retouching of images to match the look you’re going for and writing a perfect piece that flows. However, the pros definitely overcome the cons, because when you see your article on your blog and you get positive feedback from others, it makes you forget about those cons and remember that you are doing something you love for the sake of building yourself. 
Do you have an upcoming LA designers that you have your eye on?
I’ve got my eye on Kim Haller, who spent 20 years creating knitwear for designers ranging from Calvin Klein to Michael Kors. She’s got amazing aesthetic to her clothing, and I’m in love with it all. Her sexy, technologically advanced silhouettes with unexpected fabrics and cuts makes me want to see how far she can go. I would definitely wear her clothes. Ohlin/D is also someone I recently discovered. Her sheer fabrics makes you look like a goddess. Just ignore the fact that you can see through them and study the aesthetics of her fabrics. It’s amazing. 
If you could give advice to students following a similar path to yours, what would you say? 
Honestly, its always hard to start your own brand, to specialize in multiple fields, or to be successful in the fashion industry, but remember that nothing is better than doing what you love and are passionate about. Always keep running, and never pick your head up until you’re there. Until you’re at the top of the world and you can enjoy the view. 
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