Press Play: Valentine's Day Soundtrack


Struggling to find the perfect songs to put on a Valentine's Day Mix C.D. for that special someone?  Below are 14 tracks to set the mood this Valentine's Day.  Enjoy! 


Love Never Felt So Good – Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake



Whether you have a Valentine this year or not, this song will definitely get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day.  Whether you’re turning this song up while you get ready for Valentine’s Day or while in the car on your way to Valentine’s Day festivities, don’t deny it when you’re foot starts tapping and your hips start shaking because love… just never felt so good.


I Choose You - Sara Bareilles



For all you collegiettes out there who have been in long-term relationships, or if you’re just starting out on a new adventure called L-O-V-E with a significant other, Sara Bareilles’, hit single will help you describe exactly what you’re feeling. 


Emmylou – First Aid Kit



Although this song by First Aid Kit was originally written about the Söderberg’s favorite singers and songwriters (Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris, Johnny Cash, and June Carter) “Emmylou” will sweep you off your feet when the chorus begins.  In an interview with The Sun when the song first came out, the sisters explained that the song encompasses the connection that happens when you sing with another person.  Whether you’re currently trying to connect with a person that’s on your mind or not, playing this song on repeat will definitely have you daydreaming about them this Valentine’s Day.


4 and 20 – Joss Stone



Joss Stone certainly knows how to give an ultimatum in her hit single, “4 and 20.”  If you’re in a Valentine’s Day funk trying to get that one cutie to finally notice you or ask you to be their Valentine, send this song to them and say you’re done chasing! Once you’ve done that, put on some sexy heels, dress to the nines, and hit the town with a couple of your girlfriends.


Falling in Love – Us the Duo



If you know you’re falling head over heels for your significant other, this song is the song to play on repeat.  When you’re on your way to Valentine’s Day dinner, and an awkward silence suddenly hits the both of you out of nowhere, play this lovely track by husband and wife musical pair, Us the Duo, and let the song do all the work.


Love On Top – Beyonce



Celebrate love for everyone in your life this Valentine’s Day with Beyoncé’s, “Love On Top.”  Although she clearly sings it for that special someone in her life, belt this song out in the car or in your bedroom, as you get ready for your V-Day plans. 


XO – John Mayer



Even though nothing beats Queen Bey, John Mayer adds a special touch with his rendition of “XO.”  Let this song give you confidence as you make a move for a possible first kiss at the end of your evening on Valentine’s Day.


Sugar – Maroon 5



Though you may not be crashing weddings this Valentine’s day like the band did in their music video, turn this song up in the car if you have plans to hit the town with your significant other or a group of friends this Valentine’s Day.   To pay tribute to the music video, dedicate this song to a friend or lover and sing it to them in front of a crowd of people.  Ideas for an Epic Flash Mob on campus?  Let’s hope so!


Fireproof – One Direction



Are you constantly thinking about that one person that’s been on your mind, but don’t exactly know how to tell them?  Just tell them they’re “Fireproof” with this One Direction song from their new album, “Four.”  Let them know exactly how you feel by leaving snippets of the song in a cute Valentine’s Day Card.


Treasure – Tori Kelly



Tori Kelly’s sweet melodies in her song, “Treasure,” will keep you in that Valentine’s Day mood if your plans involve the beach.  The sweet acoustic sounds will be the perfect soundtrack to your day if you’re spending it on the Promenade in Santa Monica. 


Say You Love Me – Jessie Ware



Just like Joss Stone’s, “4 and 20,” Jessie Ware also knows how to give a guy an ultimatum in a sweet kind of way with “Say You Love Me.” Ware’s heart-wrenching tune is the song to play on repeat if you’re holding on to love this Valentine’s Day.  Send it to your significant other this Valentine’s Day and let them know how much you love them.


Daydreamin’ – Ariana Grande



Do you find yourself drawing hearts in your notebook because you can’t get that one special person out of your head?  No worries, because Ariana Grande knows exactly just what you’re going through with her nostalgic melodies in “Daydreamin’.”  Once you’ve played this song a couple times, hopefully you’ll have enough courage built to invite that special someone out for some strawberry milkshakes and hot fudge sundaes on Valentine’s day to the retro-inspired Fair Oaks Pharmacy Soda Fountain in South Pasadena. 


Love Someone – Jason Mraz



So your Valentine surprises you with a trip to Griffith Observatory when the sun goes down, and you need the perfect song to play when you gaze at the stars shining on the city.  “Love Someone” by Jason Mraz will be the perfect song to end a special evening with your Valentine.


Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran



How can you not have Ed Sheeran in your music playlist this Valentine’s Day?  His “Thinking Out Loud” has been a romantic classic since his new album dropped, and has unquestionably had people feeling all sorts of butterflies.  It’s also no surprise that Ed Sheeran actually wrote this song for his girlfriend.  If you’re a guy and just so happened to stumble on this article, create a romantic gesture this Valentine’s day by slow dancing to this special song with your Valentine this year.