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A Night Out With Kygo

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal State LA chapter.

When my best friend randomly texted me if I wanted to see Kygo at the Hollywood Bowl, it was an impulse decision on both of our parts to go. With not knowing exactly what to expect, I was prepared for a night of tropical vibes which I got and definitely a lot more.

My new favorite thing about going to large concert venues is when the artist gives the audience the LED wristbands that light up. Along with being a nice souvenir, there’s something special seeing 17,000 or so strangers together for one individual, dancing along and watching the little wristbands light up to the music. With that, shout out to Kygo for selling out both nights of the Hollywood Bowl show with only one album out. I was genuinely impressed.

Before the show, I briefly talked to a friend who has seen Kygo live before and one thing I knew to be excited for at his show was to see what special guests he would bring out on stage. For my show, Kygo brought out lots of artists that are featured on his album, Cloud Nine but he also brought out some more people. These people included: Seal who sang, “Sensual Feeling”, Leona Lewis, G-Eazy, and James Hersey who is the singer on “Coming Over”, Kygo and Dillon Francis’s song they collaborated together with. Kygo definitely new how to put on a show and I would recommend seeing him if you have the chance!

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Christine Tran

Cal State LA

After taking four different MBTI tests, Christine is the definition of someone who is half ENFJ and ESFP (she got two for each type). With that being said, this clearly explains her major in Communications at Cal State LA. With a love for fashion and music, she's the type of person who will post #ootds and pictures of every concert she's at on her Instagram. Along with that, Christine has a horrible addiction with cupcakes and tattoos which will eventually be the death of her unless her parents figure out she already has more than one tattoo first.... Find out what she's up to by following her Instagram @christineetran
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Kammile Whitener

Cal State LA '18

Film and Business Enthusiast. Love the best of both worlds.