Meet Matt Lopez

Name: Matt Lopez

Age: 24

Major: Broadcast Journalism

Relationship status: Single

I applied to Cal State LA because it was convenient. I wanted to go out of state, but it was too expensive. I'm glad it worked out the way it did.

My day usually starts with me laying in bed thinking of every reason not to get up and then eventually convincing myself that I have to get up. But after that if I don’t have school I try to practice the guitar or go hiking with my dogs, Jade & Sadie. If I have time I try to read part of book somewhere in the day; as much as it sometimes sucks to read I prefer it over TV, unless it is South Park

In five years from now I see myself as happy. I hope that I’m successful. I would want to have a career in broadcasting or maybe even acting, but the way the world works you can't really know. Either way whatever the outcome, I plan to be happy.

The qualities I look for in a woman is confidence and intelligence. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist, but at least be able to hold a decent conversation and be open to understanding opinions that differ from your own. Looks, of course, play a big role in meeting a girl, but it all comes down to personality in wanting to keep one. I'm a sucker for a beautiful smile though.

When I’m not working or at school, I like to take road trips on my motorcycle. There is just something awesome about going down an open road with nothing but mountains and clouds ahead of you. My friends and I usually ride down the Pacific Coast Highway or up to Mammoth Mountain when we get the chance to.

My favorite musical artist is Sublime WITHOUT Rome. I'm talking OG Sublime, back when Bradley was alive. Their music is epic; I mean yeah, they have some tracks that aren’t the greatest, but the majority of them are pretty damn good. I'm probably biased though, because when I was little Sublime was some of the first music I heard besides the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas CD.

I have two dogs. One is a Pitbull, her name is Jade and the other is a German Shepard Pup named Sadie. Jade, even though she’s a Pit, is probably the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet.

An interesting fact about me is that I prefer Bikram Yoga over going to the Gym. Anybody who thinks Bikram Yoga is a joke, I dare you to try it!

If I was stranded on an Island I would bring an In-N-Out (yes, the whole restaurant), my guitar, and some Jack Daniels.

You can find me on Instagram at mattl0pez (zero for the O) and on Snapchat with the same name, mattl0pez.