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Helpful Study Tools for Finals

As we reach Finals Week, trying to finish projects and study for upcoming tests can be quite stressful. No matter how much stress you’re under, there are times where you just can’t get yourself to concentrate. Here are some helpful tools that will hopefully help your upcoming and future school projects.

1.     Mendeley

A free program that will automatically save any article to a personal library. Along with nicely keeping information together in an organized place, Mendeley will cite automatically for you and is mobile device friendly.


2.     Caffeine

With Caffeine, your screen will now be prevented from going to sleep mode. This means no matter how long you stare at a particular reading in confusion, you’ll no longer get shocked when your screen suddenly turns black.


3.     SelfControl

For those of you who are addicted to straying away from work and visiting every and any site not related to said work, this is for you. SelfControl lets you block any website for however long you want and it will stay blacklisted. Rebooting and even uninstalling the app will still not let you access the blacklist until time is up.


4.     Microsoft Office

College students are now able to obtain Microsoft Office for free! All you need to do is sign up at the link below.



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