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Fathers Stop Hiding Behind Your Fatherhood

In light of the Harvey Weinstein, a lot of Hollywood’s A-listers are coming forward with their own personal harassments they faced at the hands of Weinstein. Not only are these allegations extremely disturbing, but they are a symbol that men in power always find a way to stay in power. They do it with the help of other men. Rose McGowan is a powerful example of not just speaking up on her horrid experience with Weinstein but also speaks up against the men who were fully aware of these actions. What’s worse, there are men – not just men in the industry but those outside the industry, are hiding behind their fatherhood. Various fathers start their statements against these allegations as “As a father of daughters…”, and clearly this is unacceptable. These women that have faced sexual harassment are first and foremost people; it should not matter that they are wives, mothers, sisters or daughters because they are human beings. Additionally, by labeling them daughters and etc., robs them of their humanity. Fathers claiming that they are disgusted by these allegations because they are the fathers of daughters, are essentially implying that if they did not have daughters, they would not care as much or none at all. Stop hiding behind your fatherhood and call out the allegations disgusting because it was done not to a daughter but to a HUMAN BEING. Furthermore, men helping other men in covering up these activities are essentially helping further the misogynistic agenda of seeing women as sexual objects. By hiding behind their fatherhood, are almost just as bad as those that victim blame women in these situations. There is something to say to these men; stop bringing up your daughters as a sentiment to further yourself from the situation and condemn for what these types of actions are; disgusting and unacceptable.


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Vicky Silva

Cal State LA

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