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Creative Ways to Wrap Christmas Gifts

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal State LA chapter.

If you love Christmas and every detail has to be perfect, you know that gift wrapping is not an exception. This year make the Christmas gifts you give your family and loved ones stand out from under the tree. With these ideas your gifts will be almost too nice to unwrap! Wait and see the joyful faces of your family members and loved ones as you hand them their presents. Stock up on different kinds of ribbons, gift toppers and wrap away.

1.     Parcels

This idea gives gifts a vintage feel. It makes it seem like they were just delivered. Stock up on brown paper, gift tags, labels, stickers, stamps and postage stamps. Add a simple ribbon or bow. 

2.     Figurines

Use Christmas figurines such as trees, reindeer, or snowmen. Glue the figures to clothes pins and use them as cute gift toppers. 

3.     Newspaper

Ditch regular store bought wrapping paper and wrap your gifts using recycled newspapers. For each family member wrap their gift in their favorite section of the newspaper. For instance, if your father is a sports fan, wrap his gift using the sports page. Top the gift with a bright ribbon or bow. 

4.     Black paper

Purchase a roll of black paper, chalk and metallic markers. Customize each gift and get creative with your designs. You can also add a bright bow to give some color to your gifts.

5.     Candy Toppers

Give your loved ones an extra sweet treat and use candy as gift toppers. Everyone, especially the kids, will love this! 

6.     Bright Ribbon and gift toppers

Use bright ribbons and colorful gift toppers.  Rolls of ribbon can get expensive, but craft stores usually have major Christmas sales when the holidays are approaching so you can get ribbon and toppers for a good price.

7.     Gift cards

Most gift cards come with a small envelope. Wrap the envelope using a paper dolly and wrap with thin ribbon for a more unique look. 

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Cristina Galvan

Cal State LA

Cristina Galvan is a senior at Cal State LA. She is majoring in Television, Film and Media Studies with an option in Broadcast Journalism. When not working, or doing homework, she enjoys reading,spending time with her family, shopping and doing arts and crafts.
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Yzzy Gonzalez

Cal State LA

Yzzy (real name Ysabel, for the record) is obsessed with a myriad of things, including Inception, traveling, Downtown LA, and laser tagging. Majoring in Television, Film and Media and a lover of creative writing, Yzzy is torn between visual storytelling and using a whole bunch of words. Twitter: @yzzygonzalez