Autumn Nail Art Ideas

When it comes to nail art, orange is the new black at Cal State L.A. Well, at least during the fall quarter it is. It is a new year, which calls for a new look and what better way than to start off with a girl’s nails. As students work hard to kick off their school year with a bang, some may not have the time to find or think of creative ways to express themselves through nail art. So why not combine the two?! I mean a girl’s best feature is her ability to multitask! So do not fret! Below are a variety of creative nail designs, and not only are they cute, but they are also based on campus happenings at Cal State L.A. happening this fall. 

            The first two designs are based on the fact that Fall Quarter has officially begun. It is time to get excited about the season and pass it on to others around the halls on the way to class. These two designs are of orange maple leaves, quite popular during the season along with a cute simple maple tree. Orange is a necessity when painting these designs. Yellow and meshes of brown are also perfect to use. To make the leaf designs, you can simply use a nail art pen and draw on each nail to make it more detailed. 

            These next three designs are also based upon the autumn season but are for those French manicure lovers. The “Boogie night” design on the far left is a glittery mesh of orange shades blended to create a glamorous but yet glossy affect. The middle is a simple French manicure but with small orange maple leaf design on each nail to add a touch of the season spirit. And the third is a more colorful version of the second. It contains a red tip with a splash of yellow and orange to create a more detailed maple leaf on the glossy nail. However, if you do not have the time to go to a nail salon, you can simply do it at home yourself with clear glitter nail polish for the glossy, sparkly effect and use the pen to draw over the nails for detailed maple leaves.

            For those who crave a more simple but cute look, these two designs will definitely win your heart. After diamonds, studs are a girl’s best when it comes to nail art! On the left is a colorful but yet simple work of nail art based on the same autumn theme. Each nail is a different shade of orange, purple or gray that corresponds to the “fall color scheme” topped off with a bronze stud. And on the right is another way of recreating this “simplicity” affect. Instead of different shades, there is only one shade of orange and three studs on only one nail of each hand. Colors that would go well with these designs would be orange, burgundy and gray! 

                  Now onto the festive Halloween designs! In honor of the annual celebration at Cal State L.A. here are four creative nail art designs. The top left is of a cute black animated spider crawling down from its bright orange web. The one on the top right is more of a simple design that shows off a spooky tree on a meshed orange background. The third design is of little orange pumpkins growing on green vines over a beige background.  And the fourth showcases the character Jack the Skeleton over a black and purple background. Orange, black, purple, white and green are the five colors you will need for these designs. Nail art pens will be beneficial for detailed designs such as when drawing the pumpkin or spooky trees. This year show off your holiday spirit at campus! Join the celebration and do not forget to show off your new nails!

As much as every student loves school as soon as midterms wind down, everyone looks forward to their Thanksgiving break. Last but not least, in honor of having the weekend off from school and getting the chance to spend it with family and friends here is a design that needs flaunting. Here is an adorable little brown turkey with colorful feathers consisting of different shades of brown, orange and red. The big-eyed turkey is on the ring-fingernail while its feathers are spread out on the other nails over a white background. This design is simple but yet unique and colorful. All you need are five different colors and if you have nail art pens, the designs will look even better!

           And if you do have some down time waiting during in-between classes, here are some nail salons near Cal State L.A.


Highland Nail

1685 N Eastern Ave Los Angeles CA 90063

Hours: 9:30am to 7:30pm

Omni Salon

1790 W Garvey Ave, Ste D Monterey Park CA 91754

Hours: 10:00am to 7:00pm

LA Nails

3112 N Eastern Ave Los Angeles CA 90032

            Every student at Cal State L.A. has a chance to express him or herself on the daily. However there are so many different ways to do that. And nail art is just one of them!