Anthony Binala Pascual '16


Name:  Anthony Binala Pascual

Age:     20

Year:    Third Year/ Junior

Major: Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences; active in the pre-Nursing dept. major

Relationship status:     Single


What made you decide to attend Cal State Los Angeles?

I decided to attend CSU Los Angeles because I believe that it is where I belong, in terms of furthering a proper college education, which I’m trying to attain.


What does your daily routine look like?

My daily routine is composed of my schooling, work, and family. I go to school depending on my daily schedule, and then go to work after. I have always been so busy since I started working, but I never forget to spend time with my family because they are the reason why I’m working so hard.


Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I see myself working with different patients in a hospital. But if God decide to change his plans, I would definitely embrace every change he’d make.


What qualities do you look for in a significant other?

Loving, intelligent, interesting, honest, and especially a significant other that would accept every mistake I have made in the past, and in the future. I’m also looking for a significant other that would accept my cultural beliefs and background. 


Where is your favorite place in the city?

I have no particular favorite place in the city, but I love the places where I eat with my friends, like at noodle world and JJ’s in Alhambra.


What hobbies do you have outside of your major?

I like to draw, paint, play basketball, volleyball, badminton, piano, drums, and dance.


Favorite artist? Why?

My favorite music artist, and/or band would be Bruno Mars, and Train because of their genres.

My favorite actor artist would be Leonardo Dicarpio because he’s different from anybody else. Leonardo is an amazing actor, especially on that recent movie he was in, The Great Gatsby.

My favorite painting artist is Pierre Alechinsky. His abstract paintings are amazing.


Any pets? What kind and what are their names?

I have a dog, and his name is Magic. He’s a half bulldog and half boxer.


Something interesting about you?

I dance weird.


Can we follow you on Social media? What are your usernames and on where?

Instagram:       @anthonybpascual

Twitter:            @boydisney

Snapchat:         boydisney08

Facebook:        Anthony Binala Pascual