8 Signs To Tell If You're A Gamer

Video games can be addicting, emotional, and just overall a great experience. Some of us play them from time to time, while others invest hours into them. Whatever category you think you might fall in, here are eight signs that you are a gamer.

1. You find yourself humming/singing the songs of games you’ve played.

Come on, those songs are just so catchy! If you have ever caught yourself humming the Mario theme or Saria’s Song, then you are most likely a gamer.

2. You’ve dressed up as a video game character for Halloween.

Some of the most creative costumes I’ve seen are of video game characters, no lie.

3. You’ve read theories, creepypastas, and speculation articles on video games.

The Lab Rat Easter eggs in Portal 2, the BEN drowned creepypasta, Lavender Town in Pokémon. You probably find them either very interesting or very scary.

4. Watching Let’s Play videos on YouTube is a hobby.

Whether you want to watch the reactions of other gamers or want to experience a game that you can’t afford, let’s play videos are heaven for all gamers out there.

5. Your friends and family complain about how much time you’ve spent gaming.

They just don’t get it, do they?

6. You’ve gotten emotionally attached to a game before.

If you’ve ever played The Walking Dead: Season 1, The Last of Us, Life is Strange, or To the Moon, you know what I’m talking about.

7. Video game soundtracks have made their way into your playlists.

If you can’t play the game, listening to it kinda fills that empty void.

8. Video games make you happy!

After all, why else do we play them?


Playing video games is something many people do to destress, to have a small escape from everyday life, or to simply have fun. It’s definitely something I love to do, so to all my fellow gamers out there: game on!