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Sixteen Candles cake scene
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Zoey’s 5 Ideas to Celebrate a Winter Birthday

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal State Chico chapter.

Happy birthday season to all my fellow Sagittarius’, Capricorn’s, Aquarius’, and Pisces’! As a fellow Aquarius, I know the struggle of finding something fun to do for your birthday during these cold winter months. It may seem impossible to think of something exciting that all of your friends will want to come to, but don’t worry! After nearly 21 years, I would like to think of myself as well-versed in winter birthday activities. Lucky for us winter babies, there are so many fun things you and your best friends can do, whether it be a fun movie night or a classic sleepover! No more doing nothing for your birthday- this is your year! Just because it’s gloomy outside, doesn’t mean your birthday has to be. This list will make you feel just as ready for your big day as those born in the summertime.

1. Dine Out

I know, I know. Going out to a restaurant is a pretty basic idea. But who doesn’t love a good outing with your friends? Chico has so many good restaurants local to us! With places like Mom’s for brunch and Crush for dinner, you have so many options to choose from! Getting all dressed with your BFFs, even if just to go somewhere like Applebee’s, will leave you with a birthday full of memories.

2. Movie Night

There are so many cute ways to execute this! Go to Tinseltown and rent a private showing of your favorite movie, check out some new movies that have come out (we’ve had a great season of films with Saltburn, Anyone But You, Poor Things, and many more), or do a cozy night in! With some of your favorite candies, popcorn, and sodas, this kind of night is sure to be a blast.

3. A Sleepover

Have a big sleepover just like we used to do in elementary school! Pick up some facemasks, nail polish, fuzzy slippers, and put on your favorite PJs for a fun and classic slumber party. Build pillow forts, play games, watch your favorite TV shows, and so many other fun activities. This is a great and easy way to have a fun celebration and such a cute throwback to feeling like a kid again and healing that inner child.

4. Themed Parties

Choose a fun theme and have all your friends over! It could be all about you, with themes such as “dress up as when you first met me” or “dress as my celebrity crushes”, or something much more general, like “rhymes without reason” or “dress as your favorite movie character.” There are so many fun ideas out there, and dressing up with your friends is always going to be a great time! Plus it’s always a fun way to get creative!

5. Arts and Crafts Night

There are so many cute projects out there to pick from! You could have all your friends over and make your favorite arts and crafts. Bouquet making, canvas painting, crown making, and so many other ideas are out there. Go searching the internet for one you like and call your friends over for a night of guaranteed fun!

I know having a winter birthday can be tough, but there are so many fun things to do! As long as you’re taking time to do the things you love with the people you love, that’s what matters. Happy birthday to all my fellow winter babies out there and stay safe this birthday season!

Zoey Dennis

Cal State Chico '25

Zoey is a Senior here at Chico State! She is a Liberal Studies major who would love to teach high school history. She has always loved writing and teaching, and Her Campus is such a great outlet! In her free time, she loves to go out with her friends, spend time with family, listen to music, and enjoys exploring Chico.