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Your “Guts” Song Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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With the release of her impressive sophomore album, “Guts,” Olivia Rodrigo is making listeners everywhere feel seen with her music. The album is currently No. 1 on the US Billboard chart right now, and Olivia’s (a self-proclaimed “spicy pisces”) catchy and relatable lyrics are certainly a huge part of the success. 

Whether you’ve listened to “Guts” a million times over or haven’t gotten a chance yet, here is my opinion on which track I think you are based on your zodiac sign! 


Get Him Back!- Like an Aries, this song is playful and unforgettable. This song has themes of revenge, which is one of the fire sign’s specialties. This song echoes a big Aries vibe, so it’s perfect for an Aries to jam out to. 


The Grudge – Taurus’ often put on a brave face for the world, and yet their soft side matches the delicacy and vulnerability of this song. With their tender hearts, any Taurus can relate to this song. 


All American B**ch – The feisty tone of this song matches the feisty personality of Geminis.  Like a Gemini, the lyrics are big and bold, making it the perfect addition to the ultimate going out playlist. 


Vampire – This song conveys beauty and power, much like a Cancer. With its meaningful and heartfelt lyrics, I’m positive that any Cancer can relate. 


Pretty Isn’t Pretty – This fire sign has a knack for reading other people and seeing the inner beauty that exists deep inside people. At the same time, the meaningful lyrics speak to the high standards they often place on themselves. 


Making the Bed – Just like a Virgo, this song is both practical and emotional. Listening to this song instantly brings up deep emotions, plus the scattered details within the lyrics speak to the detail-oriented nature of Virgos. 


Bad Idea Right? – Listen, we’ve all had a bad idea, right? Just like a Libra, this song is full of charm and wit. Plus, the music video is just so cool, just like a Libra. 


Teenage Dream – This is the perfect song to close out the album, matching the reflective nature of Scorpios. Scorpios are also sometimes unpredictable, which matches the surprising emotional depth of this song you might not expect when you first read the title. 


Logical – This song is brutally honest, much like a Sagittarius. The song also connects to the often forgiving nature of this particular zodiac sign, even when the other person doesn’t deserve it. 


Love is Embarrassing – The lyrics of this song are personable, much like this Earth sign. The resilient nature of Capricorns also matches the idea that even with the sometimes humbling moments of romance, you still have to push through. 


Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl – As an Aquarius myself, I have to admit I am a tad biased and this happens to be my favorite song. On top of that, the tone and words in the song are funky and rebellious, much like us Aquariuses! 


Lacy – I feel as though everyone knows a Pisces that they think of as their Lacy, and what a compliment that is. Pisces are delicate, admirable, and dreamy – much like how Olivia describes Lacy.

Zoey Dennis

Cal State Chico '25

Zoey is a Senior here at Chico State! She is a Liberal Studies major who would love to teach high school history. She has always loved writing and teaching, and Her Campus is such a great outlet! In her free time, she loves to go out with her friends, spend time with family, listen to music, and enjoys exploring Chico.