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Your Chico Coffee Shop Based on Your Learning Habits and Preferred Work Space

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal State Chico chapter.

With the Spring semester slowly but surely coming to an end, it’s likely most of us are at that dreaded point in the semester where it’s time we begin thinking and preparing for final exams and projects. Or at least just aiming to finish the semester as best as we can. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably finding yourself tired of the never-ending routine of scrambling back and forth between classes, all while desperately trying to take advantage of any free moments within your busy schedule to start on assignments and studying. Finding a well-rounded and healthy balance in college is no simple task. Just when I feel as though I’ve gotten ahead of schedule and can catch a break, I seem to be hit with another list of never-ending assignments (all of which seem to be busy work). If I’m not in back-to-back classes, I’m typically in the library or at home spending hours upon hours on homework and studying. At this point in college, I pretty much dread the library considering how often I typically am in there, and while I love being in the comfort of my own home, I find myself being less productive considering all of its distractions. I’m sure all of us can relate to this in some sense. Simply put, it’s nearing that point in the semester where we could all use a change of scenery to get ourselves back in the swing of things for our remaining few weeks. 

Luckily for us, we have plenty of coffee shops in Chico that serve as perfect work-space environments! Below I have listed my favorite Chico coffee shops with details on what to expect as far as the environment, location, and uniqueness in comparison to others! Finding an environment suited to your learning style can be difficult so I encourage you to take a look and find one that suits you and your brain best! 

DayCamp Coffee:

Daycamp Coffee (located in Meriam Park) is one of the more popular spots for Chico State students alongside those in the community looking to catch up with friends and colleagues. The environment is typically busy but considering it’s two stories, there is typically always room to find a seat, especially if you get to the shop early. However, if you’re not looking to run into people you know, this is likely not the place for you. Something unique about the location is its diverse seating options – they have couches, booths, large tables, and high-tops. I enjoy this aspect of the location as you can sit back and relax on a sofa after a long day of school, all while still giving yourself a change of scenery. While it’s a popular place to be, it’s perfect for those who can tackle homework in semi-distracting and high-conversational settings. I tend to struggle in these kinds of environments, however, getting busy work completed was not an issue for me (discussion posts, quizzes, etc.). Studying in this environment tends to always be more difficult for me at Daycamp, making this not a top location for that type of school work. Plenty of my friends and classmates, however, thrive at Daycamp when it comes to any form of school work so it’s really up to you. If your ideal homework session calls for a more open atmosphere, perfect for people-watching and good scenery, Daycamp Coffee is the place for you. Pro tip for if you’re new to Daycamp…try their seasonal drinks, you can never go wrong!


Stoble Coffee (located in downtown Chico) is very similar to Daycamp Coffee in that it’s a popular place to be for both Chico State students and those in the community. Although the shop has three different stories and a seating area located in the basement, there tends to be minimal seating at almost any time of the day. Like Daycamp Coffee, Stoble has a variety of seating options with an especially nice rooftop area perfect for getting some fresh air during your study session. This is the perfect location for those looking to get outdoors as Stoble has without a doubt the biggest outdoor seating area as far as coffee shops go in Chico. The only downside to this location when it comes to doing school work is that it tends to be especially louder in terms of conversations and machinery, considering it’s significantly busier. For some students, noise can be therapeutic when it comes to productivity and school work, but if you’re anything like me, it can be incredibly annoying and distracting. For this reason, I fail to get much work done here considering my inability to tune out the noise and distractions. Though a lot of the time it’s dependent on the time of day and who I’m with. I’ve found that the best times to go are typically early mornings right as the doors open, considering most students are either in class or still asleep. Individuals who thrive in busier and more distracting settings would likely have a much easier time concentrating on homework while at this location. If your ideal homework session calls for an environment with occasional socializing, a louder/busier atmosphere, and more aesthetically pleasing drinks, food, and views, Stoble is the place for you!


At Naked Lounge (located also in Downtown Chico), you can expect to find an atmosphere much different than that of Daycamp and Stoble. Provided its little foot traffic, the location is better suited for students needing a break from the chaos and noise found at other Chico coffee shops. For those looking to avoid the distraction of running into friends/classmates, this is the perfect place for you. In the handful of times that I’ve worked on school work at The Naked Lounge, I have yet to run into a single person I know (which personally, I love). Although the shop is small, I have yet to run into any issues finding a seat, too! A unique aspect of Naked Lounge that takes some getting used to (at least for me), is its dimmed lighting. For many, this is not a make-it or break-it kind of deal, but for others like myself, it can be difficult to find the motivation to do long periods of homework provided the little natural light coming into the shop. At Naked Lounge, I’ve found that I have a significantly easier time concentrating on more difficult and complex assignments. I’ve had zero issues in writing essays, taking exams, and completing projects at this location, making it an ideal environment for me. If your ideal homework session calls for a more quiet and relaxing atmosphere perfect for independent learning, Naked Lounge is the place for you.


At Mondos Coffeehouse (located on Nord), you can expect to find a more intimate coffee shop perfectly suited for those who are looking to find a less crowded atmosphere. While Mondos is well known by the community, I would argue that most students think of it less as a homework space, rather a breakfast joint. Although its location may be seen as less desirable considering it’s located on Nord, it serves as a great spot for students living in this area not looking to commute elsewhere and those looking to get away from the more common spots. With an atmosphere similar to that of Naked Lounge, Mondos is on the more quiet side and perfect for taking on easier and less demanding assignments. If you’re finding yourself desiring a place similar to the unique environments of Daycamp and Stoble, but not a fan of all its distractions and crowds, try Mondos! While you’re at it, try out the chai… it’s phenomenal.


At Uppercrust Bakery (located in downtown Chico), you can expect to find a coffee/bakery shop perfect for doing group and solo study sessions. Unique to the other coffee shops in Chico, Uppercrust allows individuals to have more flexibility in doing group projects or study sessions, similar to that of the library, as their space is filled with large tables. Although the location is less popular with students in comparison to Daycamp or Stoble, I find that I prefer Uppercrust more, as the process of finding the perfect spot is made easy. The ability to choose from a number of seating options, while it can be nice at times, tends to be overwhelming for me considering my indecisiveness and inability to do all types of homework on a couch or sofa. At Uppercrust, you can always expect to be seated at a table and although it’s popular you’ll never have to fear there not being enough space for you and your study material. If your ideal homework session calls for a more brightly lit and open environment, with enough space for all of your belongings and study tools, Uppercrust is the place for you!

For me personally, I have found that glamorizing my homework sessions is what works for me best. Whether it be deep cleaning my space and lighting a candle or putting on a cute outfit and grabbing a coffee at a local coffee shop, it seems as though I work best when my environment is neat and aesthetic. For whatever reason it makes the process more enjoyable and allows me to see the homework session as a a fun additive to my agenda rather than a chore. Finding an environment best suited to your learning style can be difficult. If sitting at a coffee shop for a few hours isn’t for you, I encourage you to find what works best for you!

Payton Davis

Cal State Chico '24

Payton is currently a fourth-year student studying exercise physiology at California State University, Chico! She is a passionate and committed student with dreams of becoming a labor and delivery nurse. As she is nearing the end of her college experience she is prepping applications for nursing schools across the state. Throughout her time at Chico State she has been heavily involved in a number of extracurricular activities and clubs. Her favorite areas of involvement have been through her sorority, Sigma Kappa, and her former position as a research assistant in the exercise physiology department. Payton has a strong love for living a healthy and active lifestyle. In her free time she enjoys long walks in Bidwell Park and attending weekly hot yoga classes. She is surrounded by an amazing group of friends and family and is always looking to make continuous memories with the two.