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Podcasts began trending in 2014, and have taken off in popularity ever since. Over the years, choosing a podcast to listen to can bring the same feeling as choosing your new go-to TV show. As an avid podcast listener, I have listened to many eye-rolling episodes to finally acquire this list of funny, relevant, and in my opinion, truly life-changing podcasts. Presented today are the best hosts and topics that I have found relatable, especially as a college student. Listen and enjoy!

That’s on Them  – Aspen Rocha & Cheryl Paoletti

With short episodes under 20 minutes, this podcast is the perfect listen for college aged and post-grad students. The That’s on Them podcast is described by the hosts, Aspen Rocha and Cherly Paoletti, as, “A podcast where we talk about life’s challenges and how to navigate them, offering tried and true tips and tools.”.

Every Monday, a new episode is released. If you want to listen to a podcast that feels like a warm hug, this is the podcast for you. I believe this podcast is best to listen to in chronological order but if you want to give it a preview, two of my favorite episodes are Episode No. 7: How to Achieve your Dreams and Desires and Episode No. 13: The Universe is My University.

We Can Do Hard Things- Glennon Doyle, Amanda Doyle, and Abby Wambach

During the early stages of the pandemic, author Glennon Doyle collaborated weekly with her sister, Amanda Doyle, and her wife, Abby Wambach, during which they each brought a “hard topic.” As they discussed what they were all individually dealing with that week, they found that putting these topics into words and being vulnerable made the weight of these issues a bit easier to carry. Born was the “We Can Do Hard Things” podcast, covering topics including eating disorders, addiction, and family estrangement. Glennon Doyle is most famous for her New York Times bestselling book, Untamed. Her wife, Abby Wambach, is famously known for her successes playing soccer on the women’s U.S. national team. This combination of personalities and backgrounds as co-hosts makes for the perfect listen. Some of my favorite episodes include Episode No. 190: Abby’s Christmas Miracle – When all the Heartbreak Made Sense and Episode No. 209: How to Make Betrayal Beautiful with Maggie Smith.

Dinner’s on Me- Jesse Tyler Ferguson

If you love food and light-hearted conversations, Dinner’s on Me is a perfect match for you. Each week, Jesse Tyler Ferguson sits down with a new guest, ranging from Broadway stars to world renowned chefs. Jesse tries out new restaurants with his guests, taking them to dinner at top restaurants in Los Angeles and New York. The conversations mostly revolve around the restaurant that they are trying, covering different aspects such as how the atmosphere is as well as the food itself. Aside from the culinary reviews, however, the conversations also cover topics such as childhood fame, landing breakthrough roles, and growing up in a community that doesn’t always feel accepting . When I listen to this podcast, I feel as if I am sitting at the table with Jesse and his guests, which is why it’s one of my favorites. My two recommendations if you’re interested in this podcast would be Episode No. 3 featuring Kristen Bell and Episode No. 9 with Sarah Hyland.

Some other honorable mentions include Drew’s News with Drew Barrymore, which covers the latest trends in pop culture. If you are interested in improving your health and longevity, The Drive with Peter Attia is a great option to learn more about the human body. With topics such as metabolic health, the impact of genetics, and the fentanyl crisis, this podcast will educate you on topics you’ never even thought to learn about’d maybe never considered learning about. Last, but most certaintly not least, The High Low with Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes is definitely worth listening to. This feminist podcast covers relevant topics for college-aged women such as dating as well as what feminism means today. Happy listening!

Emma Dean

Cal State Chico '24

Emma Dean is a fourth year student at California State University, Chico. She grew up in Davis California, a small town just outside of Sacramento. Her major is hospitality and event management, with an emphasis in sustainability. She has various work experience in both the event industry and the insurance industry. Some of her hobbies include going on walks, shopping, and knitting. She really enjoys traveling to big cities, as well as states she has never visited before!