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Budget-Friendly Ways To Make Your Besties Feel Loved And Appreciated

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal State Chico chapter.

Happy Galentine’s Day! This is such a special day to make the women in your life feel special and loved, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming to dig into your wallet to buy the perfect gifts for your girls. Fear not, there are so many ways to spread the love today (and every day) without breaking the bank. Your wallet will thank you, and your friends will feel the love they deserve!

Make them a playlist

Last year, one of my best friends and roommates graduated and before she moved, she made personal playlists for me and all of her friends with songs that reminded her of the friendship and the person. This is such a meaningful gift and if you’re someone who loves music, can also be a really fun activity! You can even print out a QR code for the playlist and put it on a sweet little card.

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Love letters

This one is simple but in my opinion, the most special gift you could give someone. It’s simply a letter from you to them, letting them know how much they mean to you and whatever you want them to know. You can get creative with it and decorate it, use cute colored pens, add stickers, anything you want! Everyone deserves to know they’re important to someone and this is an amazing way to do that for your best friends.

Frame a picture

Find a cheap and cute frame from places like Goodwill, TJ Maxx, or anywhere! You can order a picture of you and them to be printed through stores like CVS or Rite Aid, and gift them with a cute new decoration that’s meaningful and reminds them of a happy memory.

jar of love

This is one of my absolute go-to gifts for my friends. You can put your own spin on it but in essence, it’s simply a little mason jar with little pieces of paper that they can pick out randomly. It could be things you love about them, your favorite memories, reasons you’re grateful for that friendship, or even just happy reminders. You can get creative with it and it will make their day!

Mirror post-its

This one might work better for your roommates, and it’s a simple yet adorable way to surprise them and make them feel loved. Put post-it notes on their mirror with compliments, reasons, you love them, and little Galentine’s notes and it won’t fail to put a smile on their face. You could also write “Happy Galentine’s Day” or something of the sort in red lipstick if you’re feeling it!


This one is probably the most expensive option in the list, but if you can find flowers within your budget (I always go for the mini bouquets from Trader Joe’s), these are always a great option to make someone feel loved! Plus, they’ make a beautiful addition to their room.

Making the people in your life feel loved isn’t about buying them the most extravagant, glamorous gifts you can. My favorite gifts and moments in life have always been the ones that made me feel important, loved, and special. This day is about spreading the love to the women in your life (and we all know women need to stick together). Happy Galentine’s Day and happy gifting!

Marisa Cala-Keck

Cal State Chico '24

Marisa is the Founder of the Her Campus chapter at Chico State and served as the 2023-2024 President and Editor-in-Chief. Equally passionate about mental health and writing, she graduated from Chico State in May 2024 with Honors in General Education and a 3.9 GPA. She served as the 2022-2023 President of her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, and was on the Dean's List eight out of eight semesters. Marisa worked in a variety of mentorship roles on campus, including as an Academic Advising Intern. In her free time, Marisa loves spending time with her family and best friends, being around animals (especially her 3 cats and 2 dogs), binge-watching her comfort shows (the current top two include Pretty Little Liars and Gilmore Girls), reading novels, traveling, and singing! She loves Taylor Swift, spicy foods, Trader Joe's, Pinterest, and all things chocolate. Her next step is following her dream of moving to New York City and pursuing her Master of Education in School Counseling at Teachers College, Columbia University! She is excited to join the field of education, through which she aspires to reframe health and sex education programs to be more inclusive and to open in-school conversations surrounding mental wellness.