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Why You Should Go to Lady Fest This Summer

This month on June 22nd, the Third Annual Ladyfest Music Festival will open its doors to anyone 21 and over at the Guild Hall in San Luis Obispo (2880 Broad St). The festival features countless talented women who will perform music on three separate stages named after influential female artists in art and culture. The event will begin at 3pm and end at 11pm, with tickets at only $10 per person. The second day on the 23rd will be held at Bang the Drum Brewery from 1-6pm (950 Orcutt Rd). Drinks and snacks will be sold inside!

“I think the reason that I do so much music, is because I want women to be inspired. I played music when I was a little kid but I thought that girls could only play piano or sing,” said Shea Kelly, the Director of Ladyfest here in SLO. When Kelly entered into her 20’s, she began to embrace her desire to be a “rocker” and learned the bass guitar. After hosting her first Ladyfest three years ago, Kelly said that she was eager for more after she saw how much women enjoyed the community of the event.

Although Ladyfest is focused primarily on women, men are encouraged to attend, and dresses for crossdressing are available for whomever is interested. “I just want women to feel good about themselves and not feel guilted into not being able to be a part of the (rock) history,” Kelly explained.

This year’s lineup includes:

  • Erin Inglish
  • Ynana Rose
  • Arthur Watership
  • Hot Tina
  • Hayley & the Crushers
  • Bearcats
  • Sunshine & Stardust
  • Noach Tangeras
  • Amaris Laurette Taylor
  • Mutt
  • Maya Songbird
  • Sweetie Darling
  • Donna Lu
  • Ladyfest Lady Choir
  • Melody Kleimen
  • Leni & Chad
  • Jennifer Martin
  • Nicole Holst
  • Casey Chadwell
  • Sierra & Michael
  • Emily Franklin
  • Amie Richie
  • Janine Ehrlich
  • Lee Ann Vermelum
  • Lauren Riffle
  • Off Center and the Holes
  • Nataly Lola Plotter
  • Miss. Leo

If you are here in San Luis Obispo this June, make sure to join Ladyfest and celebrate strong women!

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