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Why Vegan Desserts Need to be Part of Your Life

When that sweet-tooth craving hits, the first thing that we think of reaching for probably is the furthest thing from vegan. Let’s be real: sometimes we just want a piece of cake that has about a pound of delicious butter, milk and eggs in it. If the idea of vegan desserts scares you, it shouldn’t! Vegan desserts are especially decadent and contain whole food and raw ingredients; they can even be more satisfying than our usual indulgences. Best of all, they’re cruelty-free, and everyone can enjoy them!

Here are a few vegan-friendly dessert options you’ll definitely want to try:

Dairy Free Coffee Ice Cream

Vegan doesn’t mean complex! Chances are, you already have these four ingredients sitting in your fridge. Have five minutes and a blender? Yep, you can make this.

Recipe here.

Vegan Chocolate Donuts with Raspberries

SLO-Do-Co may be the go-to on late Saturday nights, but if you have time and are feeling adventurous, why not give these a try? With drool-worthy coconut frosting and chocolate, there’s no way you won’t enjoy these.

Recipe here.

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

A vegan twist on an old classic, these are guaranteed to have your stomach growling long before you put them in the oven. BONUS: No eggs = no worries about eating the raw cookie dough.

Recipe here.

Raspberry Raw Vegan Cheesecake

Featuring dates, coconut, vanilla and a whole slew of nuts, this cheesecake is guaranteed to have you going back for another slice. Burn everything you put in the oven? Lucky for you, this recipe doesn’t require one.

Recipe here.

Very-Berry Fruit Tart

Look at that absolute perfection. If that’s not Instagram-worthy, I don’t know what is. Once again, no oven needed.

Recipe here.

Easy Vegan Brownies

Who doesn’t crave brownies at least once a week? These are super-easy to make and will be a million times better than any box mix that you usually throw in the oven.

Recipe here.

Strawberry Cupcake Milkshake

Ridiculously easy to make, there’s no way to mess this up.

Recipe here.

Now it’s time to wipe that drool off your face and start making one of these delicious vegan options ASAP. Let us know which one is your favorite!

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