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What Your Favorite Kennedy Library Spot Says About You

Look at you. You’ve managed to avoid the distractions of college life (which can be oh so tantalizing), and walked your cute little behind down to Kennedy Library. You march through the front door determined to finish your English paper, study for that Econ midterm or finish that Bio assignment.

Atrium Napper:

You walk straight through the doors and spot an open seat in the comfy chairs of the atrium. Once you sink into the homey cushions, all your previous ambition dissipates. As tempting as it is to take a nap, you pull out your Anthropology textbook, ready to finish your assigned chapter. But alas, one page in, and you’re out. Study-goers watch as some drool falls out of your mouth, but what’s college without the occasional inappropriate nap?

Caffeine Addict:

You usually reside next to Julian’s because of your constant, study-induced cravings for caffeine. The caffeine high makes you the most productive on the second floor. You sit furiously typing away at your Philosophy paper. Between pee breaks and refills (and the occasional splurge of a JavaBlast), you may not be as efficient as others around you, but at least you’ve got espresso flowin’ in your bloodstream.


Your work method is half and half: Half study and half procrastinate. And with your unlimited internet access, distraction is available 24/7. You do a page of history notes, then browse Urban’s sale section. You complete a couple Stats problems, and update your Spotify playlist. Whoops, you’ve just spent an hour on Youtube watching funny cat videos. Wait, One Direction has a new music video out?? Looks like all the schoolwork will have to wait.

Library Social Butterfly:

Your natural habitat is the second or third floor, where typical library-chatter is always present. You’re the library social butterfly… Your intentions are true, but as soon as you see your sorority sisters or your bud from Finance, you forget all about that online homework due in an hour. You take a seat next to your friends and begin gossiping about the latest news about Taylor Swift, and catching up on who hooked up with who at the latest frat party.

5th Floor Focuser:

After climbing all 23082348 steps, you arrive at your final destination (leaving you gasping for breath) and your peaceful spot, the fifth floor. Some may say it’s eerily quiet up here, but the silence is welcoming to you. You sit down and unload all your notebooks, textbooks and study material and quickly become immersed in your studies. The silence is sacred, and you look down on those who start crunching on chips, or breathe a little too loudly. The minutes zoom by, until you look at your phone and realize it’s been almost 6 hours of study-bliss. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Happy mid way through the quarter, collegiettes! May the odds be ever in your favor!

Frances is a third year currently studying Journalism and French at Cal Poly SLO. She hails from the Bay Area where you can usually find her in her local Philz, chugging a caffeinated drink. She is a firm proponent of boybands, rain, Shonda Rhimes shows and the occasional In N' Out run.
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