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What Literary Main Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Poly chapter.

There’s nothing like reading a great book with a main character whom you can identify with. Based on your zodiac sign, we’ve found the the main character of a famous literary classic that best matches your personality.

Aries: The Odyssey by Homer

Much like Odysseus, you are courageous, determined and quick witted. You rarely fear trials and instead welcome the challenge. Not only are you brave, but you can think quickly to get yourself out of tough situations. Occasionally, you can be aggressive or quick-tempered. But ultimately, you are devoted to your friends, lovers and family members and will fight for causes you believe in.

Advice: Don’t admit to poking the son of Poseidon’s eye out while sailing on the ocean. In other words, be sure to think about the consequences.

Taurus: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

As a Taurus, you are reliable, patient and devoted like Jay Gatsby. Usually, your stubborn nature gives you the perseverance to achieve your goals, but sometimes this stubbornness can cause you to be uncompromising. However, the people who are closest to you (the Nick Carraways in your life) see your true self and know you are a loving and sympathetic person.

Advice: Daisies might seem sweet, but they wilt away with time. Make sure to choose a significant other who will stand by you and not leave when times get tough.

Gemini: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Similar to Elizabeth Bennet, you are extremely independent and will not be constrained by society or anyone else’s rules. There are two sides to your personality. You are witty and sociable but can also be serious and thoughtful. One of your only downfalls is that you can occasionally be superficial, which can lead you to having the wrong impressions of people. However, your affectionate nature and sharp mind will help lead you to your happily ever after.

Advice: Be careful not to make hasty judgments because you could be missing out on your Mr. Darcy.

Cancer: Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

Similar to Cancers, Holden Caulfield is often written off as being moody, oversensitive and pessimistic. You can be challenging to get to know, but you are deeply poetic, sentimental and portray a great amount of emotional intelligence. You are very generous and willing to share what you have with other people. Although you may have difficulty connecting to people, you care deeply about your friends and siblings.

Advice: Not as many people are “phonies” as you think. Give yourself a chance to get to know the people around you.

Leo: Henry IV and V by William Shakespeare

While the main character of these plays, King Henry V (Harry), initially portrays the negative Leo characteristics by being lazy and stubborn, he proves that he is a natural born leader. Like Harry, you are confident, ambitious, and have a good sense of humor. You are very persuasive and your speeches can move others to action. You can achieve anything you want (including but not limited to taking over France). While you are brave and willful, your close friends know that you have a sensitive side.

Advice: Although you may gain more power in the upcoming years, be sure to not leave your friends behind.

Virgo: Atonement by Ian McEwan

As a Virgo, you are analytical, observant and precise, much like Briony Tallis. You use your intelligence and fierce sense of independence to achieve your goals. However, you sometimes interfere in matters that do not concern you. Make sure you have the whole story before you make any accusations.

Advice: Mistakes caused by narrow-mindedness can cause you to constantly dwell on the past. Remember that you can’t change history. You are a better person now so don’t be so critical of yourself.

Libra: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

Like Huck, you are peaceful, fair and hate feeling lonely. You are cooperative by nature and often like to work with a close friend. You are well liked and can charm anyone in a conversation. On the other hand, you can be indecisive and avoid your problems instead of confronting them. One of your biggest problems is that your indecisive nature can make it difficult for you to choose sides and you often adopt the opinions of those closest to you.

Advice: You need to remember to trust your own opinions, not Tom Sawyer’s.

Scorpio: The Complete Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

Scorpios are often misunderstood, much like Sherlock Holmes. Your cool and confident nature can sometimes intimidate people. Although you often prefer to keep to yourself, you are a true friend to those you care about. With your excellent memory and unshakeable focus, you can solve any mystery or problem. However, to get your most difficult tasks done, you often need to be confronted by an opponent. Hopefully, your opponent isn’t as formidable as Professor Moriarty.

Advice: When you confront your “Professor Moriarty,” don’t fake your death afterward. In other words, even if you have just confronted your biggest challenge yet, be ready to face new obstacles.

Sagittarius: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Similar to Santiago, the main character of The Alchemist, you love freedom, and are honest and generous. You enjoy thinking about the big questions in life, and you would go on an adventure to discover different cultures and the meaning of life in a heartbeat. Your open-mindedness allows you to learn from others in your travels. Sometimes, you can be blindly optimistic, but your confidence gives you the power to transform your thoughts into action. In turn, this allows you to achieve your goals.

Advice: You’ll find the treasure you’re seeking. However, the treasure might not be in the place you thought. Don’t give up your journey!

Capricorn: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens 

At the beginning of the story, Ebenezer Scrooge exhibits the negative characteristics of being a Capricorn. He’s moody and pessimistic. However, his intelligence and practical mind help him achieve his goals. Don’t worry, you don’t need any ghosts to visit you to reform your life. Like the rehabilitated Scrooge, you’re a loyal friend who is willing to help a friend get back on his or her feet and expect nothing in return.

Advice: If your dead business partner appears to you on Christmas Eve, you’ll know you took a wrong turn in your life.

Aquarius: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Like Jane, your shy and quiet nature can sometimes be mistaken for aloofness, but it just takes time for people to get to know you. You use your ability to understand multiple people’s perspectives to help you solve your and your friends’ problems. Your independent nature sometimes causes you to run away from situations that you perceive could restrict your freedom. However, not all restrictions on freedom are necessary negative.

Advice: Keep an eye out for what your employer is hiding in the attic. In other words, be prepared for unforeseen circumstances to occur in your life.

Pisces: Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift

Similar to Gulliver, your kind nature helps you make friends everywhere you go. You gain vast amounts of knowledge from the people you meet. You are always willing to help people and expect nothing in return. Occasionally, you can be gullible, but this is just because you look for the best in people.

Advice: Watch out for Lilliputians and other people that will take advantage of your gentle, honest nature. While they may be small, they can be big trouble. 

Jacquelyn Morris is a 4th year English major and history minor at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Jacquelyn is passionate about traveling, writing, and learning obscure facts. When she gets some free time from homework and tutoring at the writing center, she's probably watching cartoons.