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What Cal Poly Students are Wearing This Fall

With classes back in person and the weather cooling down, college students are coming back to campus able to show off their best fall fits. Fall usually means neutral colors, chunky sweaters, flannels, platform shoes, and puffy jackets. However, going to college in sunny California entails a different kind of fall fashion.

This fall quarter some popular articles of clothing that have been spotted on Cal Poly’s campus have been:

  1. Overalls

Overalls are a year-round necessity here in SLO, and Cal Poly students like to play around with different ways to style them. Some wear tank tops underneath but in typical fall tradition, a chunky cable-knit sweater seems like the obvious choice


  1. Sweat shorts

Comfort is key when it comes to walking from class to class, especially after not being on campus for a year and a half. Due to the warm weather, sweatsuits aren’t the best choice for walking in this heat. Instead, a popular trend on the Cal Poly campus has been sweat shorts. You can dress them up or down with a cute shirt or simple tank top, but overall they are extremely comfortable.

  1. Platform loafers

Platform loafers are making their comeback this season. Whether they’re Doc Martens, Penny Loafers, or Oxfords, they’re a popular staple on campus. Students on campus often make sure that their loafer has a platform for those extra inches. Part of their charm is that they can come in different colors and textures, which help to differentiate an outfit.

  1. Biker shorts

  • Biker shorts are another ultimate comfort item. They are easy and come in so many different patterns and colors. Whether you are going for that athleisure look or Girlboss “businesswoman throw on a blazer over your biker shorts” look, biker shorts are the moment! 

    With in-person classes coming back, so is Cal Poly style. Students are eager to show off their new fall wardrobes while keeping it California casual. Don’t miss out on these new trends seen on the Cal Poly campus!

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