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Unique Group Costumes for You and Your Girl Gang

Halloween is right around the corner and, honestly, it is one of the best girls-night-out holidays out there. So, squad up and hit the town in one of these creative looks with you and your besties.

Bridesmaids Characters

Calling all comedy QUEENS! This costume might tickle your funny bone. Go to your local thrift shop to grab a wedding dress for your leading lady, while the rest of your gang decks out in various pink dresses. An added perk? By the end of the night, you’ll have totally nailed the look.

Care Bears

Care Bear stare your way into any Halloween party this season with this costume. Each member of your gang can pick a Care Bear that best matches their personality and the look is basically MADE. All you need to do after this is get oversized t-shirts (which can be found at Michaels), pin on a printed out care bear stomach for your coordinating bear, and you’re all set.

A League of Their Own 

This costume is just peachy. While on the pricier side, it is definitely one of the more feminist charged outfits on the list. This is one of the costumes that can fit a larger group of girls, or team if you will. You can get this sporty little number at Spirit of Halloween, get it online or even find a light pink dress and iron on the Rockford Peaches logo onto it. Top off the look with a red baseball hat and you’re good to go!

The Heathers

This is a group costume to kill for. All you really need is a pleaded, plaid skirt and matching blazer, bonus points if you add the croquet mallet to fully complete the look. The pieces for this one may be a little harder to find, but you can look at your local thrift stores.


For those music lovers, wearers of all black, or those who like a fun make-up challenge, this costume is for you! All you have to do is throw on your best punk outfit -- some fun fishnets and torn up black attire -- replicate one of the band members iconic face paint looks, and voila! Costume complete! This costume is an affordable option if you’re on a budget, because all you need to buy is black and white face paint which you can find at Michael’s, Spirit Halloween or Target.


While for the other 364 days of the year you dress up as a college student, for this one night only, go as their trusty go to accessory: the beloved hydro. For those of you looking to save money, this is also one of the cheaper options on the list, as all you need to do is paint the hydroflask logo onto an oversized t-shirt which you can get for a whopping $4 at Michaels (less if you have a coupon, which are always available on their website)! Bonus points if you iron on patches or draw on some fun pictures to represent stickers!

All the Taylor Swifts

Old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Because she’s dead! That’s in the spooky spirit, right? You and your gang can do a major throwback by each dressing up as one of the many eras of Taylor Swift. Don’t worry, there are lots to choose from! 

Power Puff Girls

Grab your two best bubbly friends, some oversized t-shirts, and be prepared to take Halloween by storm. Wrap a black belt around each shirt (or a strip of black duct tape), pull up your white knee highs, and get ready to blossom.

Inside Out Emotions

Hopefully the only person’s costume that matches their actual emotion this Halloween is whoever is dressed as joy. This outfit is super simple and this costume can be upgraded with unique hair and makeup. Facepaint can be purchased at Target or Spirit and the hair supplies at Spirit.

Beanie Babies

This costume is one that will keep you warm all night long. Order your favorite onesie from amazon.com, then print out a large Beanie Baby logo, fashion it around your neck with a ribbon, and BAM! A costume you won’t even need to change out of when you to go to bed that night.

Spice Girls

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends ... and this rad halloween costume. Gather up your gang and channel your inner Spice girl! While complete outfits may not be sold together, pieces for each of the looks can be found at Spirit.

Alvin and the Chipmunks

If you haven’t picked up on this already, oversized t-shirts are going to be your second best friend this holiday aside from your besties that you’re wearing this costume with. Get the shirts at Michaels along with yellow cloth paint and stop by Target on your way home to pick up ears in the dollar section. Now you’re all set!

Donna and the Dynamos

You can dance. You can Jive. Having the time of your life...in this Mamma Mia inspired style. Throw on some hyper exaggerated bright blue bell bottoms, a white tank top, a gold belt, and start jamming out to ABBA’s greatest hits to be ready for your seventies fueled Halloween night.

Social Butterflies

Everyone loves a good pun. Pick your favorite social media app (I was insta when I rocked this look a few years back), snag a tutu, some butterfly wings, knee high socks and go buzz your way around every party this Halloween.

Mario Kart

Here is a costume that is bike night approved. Get your fave Mario character from Spirit and get ready to treat Monterey street like Rainbow Road.


Oversized t-shirts to the rescue again!! Pick one gal to by your leader and have her be the only thing you ghost this Halloween. Cut the bottoms into triangles, paint on the faces, and go out and take some cute pics!

Comment your fave costume idea below!

Tessa Hughes is a second year Journalism major from Petaluma, California who is double concentrating in news and public relations as well as double minoring in media, arts, society, and technology and political science. She is a writer for The Wire, as well as an opinion columnist for Mustang News, a reporter for 91.3 KCPR’s News hour, and an editorial writer for Cal Poly’s hercampus.com. If she’s not in class or writing her next story, she’s probably at another concert (she’s an addict). Her favorite bands include The Struts, Pink, Maroon 5, Green Day, The Foo Fighters ...the list goes on and on and on.
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