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Trendiest Hairstyles for Winter 2021

Winter is a great time to spice up your look and try something new. With the colder months coming around, have fun with your hair and try out new styles that you may not have thought of in the past. These looks are great for any and all hair types.

Banded ponytail

This cute look has been worn by the Kardashians, Bella Hadid, influencers and even TikTok users. This ponytail is a twist on your average ponytail by adding multiple hair ties throughout the ponytail. Starting with creating one main ponytail, continue to add hair ties down your ponytail, spacing them out by about a one-inch margin. Once you have your desired number of hair ties, go through the sections and pull on them gradually to loosen up the look. 

Mini double front braid

This hair look has been shown everywhere across many social media platforms, especially TikTok. Start by sectioning off a small section in the front of your head on either side of your part. Using a small clear elastic, braid your section and tie it off at the bottom. This look is great because it's super simple and works on all hair types and lengths! 

Butterfly claw clip

This hairstyle is also very popular right now and has gained traction due to the claw clip trend. This style is great because it’s super simple and can spice up a plain look. Taking a small to medium-sized section at the back of your head, take your claw clip and lock the section down. I think this look looks prettiest with curled to wavy hair but feel free to make it your own! You can find some cute hair claws on Amazon, Shein, Etsy and Free People. 

Baseball caps

This might sound dumb and overplayed, but hats are great to pull out in the colder months. Baseball caps have been making a comeback recently with a surge in Instagram bloggers wearing baseball caps. If you’re ever having a bad hair day a cute cap can come in handy.  Find these caps on Amazon!

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