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Treat Yourself: Little Luxuries for Every Day

No, these aren’t “the bare necessities,” but these little luxuries are guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

Anthropologie Boulangerie Candle in Oatmeal Cookie, $16

One whiff of this and you’ll instantly be transported to your happy place — assuming your happy place is a neighborhood bakery or warm kitchen, that is. It’s an easy way to relax, while making your room that much more inviting. And when you’ve got a candle like this, who needs dessert?

J. Crew Camp Socks, $16.50

Remember how you used to groan when you unwrapped a present from your grandmother and she had gotten you socks? Don’t worry, these aren’t like grandma’s. Not only are they beyond cozy, they’re fashionable as well. Wear them peeking out under some booties or over your favorite pair of tights. What’s coolest about these is they’re made by the last sock mill in Vermont. How many socks can claim that?

Sephora Rollerball Fragance Sampler For Her, $24.00

These adorable designer fragrances are the perfect way to find your new signature scent—or just smell differently every day of the week. After you decide which perfume is the best, turn in the enclosed voucher for a free rollerball. Dabbing some fragrance onto your wrists may only take a couple of seconds, but you’ll feel decidedly more flirty and feminine as you go about your day.

Kate Spade Owl iPhone 5 Case, $22 (on sale!)

This may be the cutest phone case ever. One look at your little owl buddy and you smile, whether you want to or not. And since bringing your pets to college isn’t exactly allowed, this is a sneaky way to get some animal lovin’ in your life. (If you decide to name it Hedwig, don’t worry … We won’t judge.)

Collection XIIX Infinity Scarf, $29

Is there any feeling nicer than walking around on a freezing cold day, feeling cozy in your warm jacket and soft scarf? As the winter months descend upon us, a good scarf is one luxury every girl should own. While everyone else walks around feeling the chill, you’ll be happy, comfortable and stylish to boot — er, to scarf.

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