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Top Three Celebrity-Studded 2k15 Spring Break Destinations

Sun. Sand. Surf. These are just a few of the key ingredients for the perfect spring break destination. This typically week-long vacation is when some pretty crazy and fun memories occur. “What happens during spring break shows up all over my news feed” should be the official quote for spring break.

Facebook helps me view my friends’ awesome spring breaks in the comfort of my home while I finish my fifth nap of the day and start eating my third dinner. Are you tired of this happening to you? Well this year’s spring break, you have to go somewhere. There is a list of the top three 2k15 spring break destinations you can go to bump into a celebrity and make your cool friends jealous.

1. Cabo

On the Pacific Coast, this Mexican destination is known for celebrities like George Clooney, Gwyneth Paltrow, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Aniston visiting frequently during the spring. There’s the more bustling center, Cabo San Lucas, or the quieter San José del Cabo to choose from when you arrive. It’s a beautiful city that fits perfectly in the spring break matrix.

2. Barbados

British actors Jude Law and Hugh Grant enjoy vacationing in Barbados, which also happens to be the hometown of Rihanna. Two luxurious properties are especially known for providing sanctuary for celebs: Lone Star Restaurant/Hotel and Sandy Lane. They are known for their gourmet lunches and supreme golf spots. It’s an excellent spring break location for you adventurous types.

3. Miami

The beauty of Miami is breathtaking.  Will Smith, Cameron Diaz, Scarlett Johansson and so many other celebrities head to South Beach for tanning and clubbing. Staying in the States is more affordable and that’s nice to hear for a broke college student like you. The night-life in Miami is vast and if you are a night owl, this location is the place for you.

So live it up like a star this spring break and be safe!

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