Top 10 Bada** Female Empowerment Songs

Let’s go girls! 

When you’re feeling down, sometimes the easiest thing to do is sit in your sorrows and listen to Sam Smith while crying your eyes out. It’s important to get that out of your system.

However, remember that constantly feeling sorry for yourself doesn't make you a better person in any way. The best way to change your mindset is to put on a song written by a fierce female and blare it, loud and proud. This list outlines 10 songs to play anytime and anywhere to instantly feel empowered, confident, and of course, bada**. 

  1. 1. “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” - Shania Twain

    This song has never gone out of style and continues to hype up women, no matter their age. Twain is the epitome of being a strong, independent woman while simultaneously looking like a million bucks. Put this song on at any time of day, and you can’t help but turn it up louder while singing your heart out.

  2. 2. “Girl on Fire” - Alicia Keys 

    Alicia Keys is a queen. Not only is she a talented musician, some even say her music has healing powers.  “Looks like a girl, but she's a flame. So bright, she can burn your eyes.” These lyrics remind women that nothing can bring you down because you are a star and on fire. 

  3. 3. “Soulmate” - performed by Lizzo

    One thing that is so incredible about Lizzo is her confidence. She has brought to the world a different standard of beauty that girls idolize. She knows and loves every inch of herself, and that shows through her music. “Cause I’m my own soulmate, I know how to love me.” Enough said. 

  4. 4. “Run the World (Girls)” - Beyoncé

    This is an obvious choice because the title rings true, and a crowd pleaser like this never gets old. Plus, It is hard to not automatically think of Beyoncé when it comes to female empowerment. There is an endless list of Beyoncé songs that scream fierce: Flawless, Formation, Feeling Myself. I mean c'mon, we call her Queen B for a reason.

  5. 5. “Future Nostalgia” - Dua Lipa

    Dua Lipa just released an album with the first song titled, “Future Nostalgia.” One reason this song is empowering is she sings about how she is running the show. “No matter what you do, I'm gonna get it without ya. I know you ain't used to a female alpha.” She embraces being a bada** female alpha and knows that no matter what, she will get what she needs on her own.

  6. 6. “Bad Blood” - Taylor Swift

    Our girl Taylor can sing about love, revenge, regret, and so much more. The second you hear the beat to “Bad Blood,” it’s hard to not feel a million times more bada**. In this song, the lyrics speak for themselves: “'Cause, baby, now we've got bad blood. You know it used to be mad love. So take a look what you've done. 'Cause, baby, now we've got bad blood, hey!“ If Taylor Swift won’t take crap, neither should you!

  7. 7. “God is a Woman” - Ariana Grande

    This song is literally about God being a woman. Grande is singing about the strength it takes to be a woman living in a man’s world. There is a symbolic scene in the music video of her literally breaking a glass ceiling. Through her lyrics, Grande exudes womanhood and female power. 

  8. 8.   “Confident” - Demi Lovato

    The title says it best, ladies. What's wrong with being confident? It’s hard to pick just one line from this song that stands out because the entire masterpiece is an anthem. From, “It's time for me to take it, I'm the boss right now” to “I make my own choice, b*tch, I run this show,” Lovato’s lyrics allow women to feel confident, proud, and amazing in their own skin.

  9. 9. “Woman” - Kesha

    This song is a hidden gem. Through her music, Kesha demonstrates how empowering it is to be a woman and how it is something we should never forget. “I'm a motherf***ing woman, baby, alright, I don't need a man to be holding me too tight. I'm a motherf***ing woman, baby, that's right, 'm just having fun with my ladies here tonight.” Turn this song up loud the next time you and your girl gang are hitting the town.

  10. 10.  “F**kin' Perfect” - P!nk

    Pink is known for being an ultimate feminist. Her music lets people know that it’s okay to be both “girly” and bada** as long as you are being yourself. In this song, she sings, “Mistaken, always second guessing, underestimated, look, I'm still around. Pretty, pretty please, don't you ever ever feel, like you're less than f***in' perfect.” P!nk is the queen of girl power and truly embodies being a real, strong woman. 

So next time you need a pick-me-up, look to these powerful female artists to fix whatever ails you.