Things To Do with Friends this Summer if We're Still in Quarantine

With summer looming, it is hard to view it with the same heightened anticipation as they do in “High School Musical 2”. Covid-19 is still running rampant and shelter-in-place orders  are being held coast to coast, so it is fair to question if we will even get a summer. Well, have no fear! I have your back. Thanks to the help of my lovely friends, we have compiled a list of fun ways to still experience a summer while quarantined — social distancing  and all!

  1. 1. Movie Night (with a projector)

    camcorder on blue background

    Most movie theaters across the state are closed (with the exception of now thriving drive-in theaters). As a fun alternative, have an outdoor movie night at your house! Order a film projector here and invite all your friends to gather (six feet apart!) with their lawn chairs and favorite movie treats to enjoy a film together. Lots of new movies have been released on demand since March!

  2. 2. Themed Virtual Parties


    College is typically the time for dressing up in costumes or themed outfits to waste the night away at a trashy frat party. But like many things, that too has been taken away from students. By hosting themed virtual parties, you still get all the fun of dressing up without the wear and tear on your clothes. This gives you and your friends the chance to blast some bops, Facetime, get ready together, and still rock killer outfits. Trust me, putting on real clothes will feel sooooo nice.

  3. 3. Challenge Zooms

    various makeup utensils

    A spin off of the themed party idea is a challenge-based Zoom call! Pick your favorite make-up or hair challenge and have all of your friends compete at the same time to see who can create it best! Get some Pinterest inspo here.


  4. 4. Netflix Party

    netflix in dark

    Netflix adding this feature in the wake of shelter-in-place was truly innovative on their part. It is a great way to allow you and your friends to watch the same thing together while being able to chat without actually talking over the movie. Some helpful tips? Create a shared doc that everyone can write ideas on and set the same time each week so people can plan their schedule around it.

  5. 5. Stargazing

    Stars in the night sky

    Nature is something people are truly coming to appreciate more in quarantine, especially since it is one of the few things they can access. Grab your blankets, dress warm, and head outside! While maintaining six feet of social distance, find a big field to lay out in with your friends and admire the night sky. To impress your fellow stargazers, download the app SkyView, so you can be able to identify different constellations!

  6. 6. Watching the Sunset

    Sun shining from behind clouds

    Need something to do before you go stargaze? Check out the sunset! Many places have lookout points and — considering the fact that days last longer in summer —you should go out and utilize them! It’s just a quick Google search to find the best spots near you and with this activity, social distancing is made easy because everyone can just stay sitting in their trunks or on the hoods of their cars.

  7. 7. Art Class & Glass

    watercolor painting

    With this activity, creative juices won’t be the only thing flowing! Pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage ;) and grab your pens, pencils or paints (oh my!), so you can have a fun Zoom art sesh with your besties.

  8. 8. Cooking/ Baking Lesson!

    Baking tools

    In quarantine, I am a firm believer in the notion that COMFORT FOOD SAVES LIVES. It is a struggle to find joy in these dark times, but trying out a new recipe can always bring a silver lining to an otherwise dire day. Pick one friend to teach, have everyone follow along, and basically start your own Food Network! Another fun twist on this idea is a chain recipe challenge! Have everyone submit some recipes to the friend group. Then, using a random online generator, enter them all in and send out the link to everyone participating. The first person generates what recipe they will create and makes it! Their mission is to then figure out who in the group would enjoy the finished dish best and deliver it to them. Then the next person randomly generates their recipe with the same link and this goes on and on until everyone has had a surprise treat left on their doorstep!

  9. 9. Online Party Games

    A smartphone user holds their phone, playing a game that looks like Candy Crush

    Since group gatherings are a thing of the past, this unfortunately extends to group game nights as well. What once was a lowkey summer night with friends is something currently unattainable … unless, like your classes, you transfer it online. There are a variety of online resources and websites that offer fun game options such as Houseparty, JackBox, and the online versions of classic favorites like Cards Against Humanity. Or, in attempts to get to know your friends better, play 20 Questions or Never Have I Ever.

  10. 10. Hiking

    Cameron Smith-Girl Smile Happy Colorado Travel Mountains Hiking Trees

    Hiking is always a summer favorite and is fortunately something that might actually be plausible! With many cities slowly starting to reopen their local hiking trails and national parks, this is a great way to get some exercise and chat with friends all while remaining … you guess it … six feet apart!

  11. 11. Travel the World Virtually

    World globe

    Big summer trips cancelled? No more studying abroad? I had to say good-bye to my fall quarter in London, so trust me, I relate. However, museums and other tourist attractions have adapted to the shutdowns like champs and many are now offering virtual tours of their facilities! Hop on a Zoom call, screen share with your friends, and see the world with this link.

  12. 12. Start a Book Club

    person sitting at the edge of a bed with an open book in their lap and a cup of coffee in hand

    I don’t know about you, but over the summer I read a TON. Typically during the school year, I can’t read for enjoyment, so I take these few months to play catch up. An old-fashioned way to stay connected with your friends this summer is to read together! You all should suggest some books to read and meet virtually weekly to discuss them! It is just as fun as discussing your favorite Netflix love triangle and is a great way to maintain brain stimulation while away from school.

  13. 13. Dining in a Remote Location

    Picnic Donuts

    Many businesses are struggling amidst the pandemic. In an attempt to help keep them afloat, pick up your favorite take out and drive to a large parking lot. Have your friends meet you there (with their favorite take out, of course) and picnic together! This is a unique loophole when you want to go out and eat to catch up with friends,and it supports local businesses too.

  14. 14. Car Camping

    Adventure Roadtrip Mountains Traffic National Parks Fun Hiking Camping

    In the spirit of staying in your cars, I challenge you to sleep in your trunk! Park on your friend’s street and now try camping! Stuff your trunk full of blankets and pillows, making it as cozy as it can be, and park your cars in a circular formation so all of your friends can face each other. This is going to be the hot new slumber party trend, just you wait.

  15. 15. A Day in the Life...

    person wearing headphones taking selfie on smartphone

    If you’ve ever wondered how your friends are spending their quarantine time, here is your chance to find out. Select one day that everyone has to vlog themselves and what they are doing. Then later that night, all Zoom and have your own version of a film festival … or vlog festival? This is a fun way to see how you and your friends all experience the same 24(ish) hours.

  16. 16. Zoom University

    I know your social life is not the only thing taking a hit in quarantine … your love life is too. Well here is your chance to find your quaran-cutie. Zoom has taken it to the next level by doubling as a dating service by pairing you —and your fellow single bestie — with another duo on blind double dates! This is truly dating in the modern age. Bonus: You can date while in your pajamas! Instructions on how to sign up are here!

Is there something I missed? Did you try one of these activities and love it? Let me know in the comments below!