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After spending my summer working at a country cafe in my hometown in Northern California, I have probably crafted a few hundred charcuterie boards. These boards can doll up any table as an eye-catching centerpiece and can double as a delicious appetizer. 

Whether you are coming back famished from the pumpkin patch or chilling with your roommates getting into the Halloween spirit, a fall charcuterie “gourd” can be a great way to celebrate with your friends. Let’s dive into what is included in this boo-tiful board. 

  1. Base-

The board itself can make or break the presentation of your masterpiece. Something like a wooden board can be a perfect base, especially during the fall because of its soft brown color. If you do not have access to one of these boards, a plastic platter, possibly halloween or fall themed, would also work great. 

  1. Crackers-

Crackers are one of the best fillers to use on a charcuterie board. Triscuits are always a go-to due to their perfect size and texture. Seeded crackers also work as they pair well with jam or dip. Our own Campus Market also offers a few options, like the novelty Ritz Crackers. 

  1. Dip-

Hummus is a yummy dip to include, and is sold at most grocery stores. Another great dip for the fall time is fig jam. Dried figs are a delicious compliment, as well.

  1. Cheese-

You cannot go wrong with your selection of cheese – pretty much any cheese will do the trick. My favorite is brie, because a nice pie-shaped slice of it can look really beautiful on the charcuterie board. You can also cube pieces of cheese (Cheddar or Pepper Jack) and add those to the plate. 

  1. Meat-

If you are a vegetarian, you can totally skip this step and still have a wonderful looking board! If not, salami and bruschetta can be folded to look like flowers. This flower technique is easy to learn and can bring together the look of the board. 

  1. Fruits-

Fruits bring color to the charcuterie board. Since it is fall, we want warm, vibrant colors. The reds peaking through from a sliced apple, the green shining from a cut pear and the purple from small bunches of grapes can tie the board together. A mini pumpkin on the board adds a nice touch. Another seasonal idea would be to add pumpkin seeds.

  1. Candy-

Since it is almost Halloween, a little bit of candy seems very on theme. Candy corn and caramels can be sprinkled around the board, acting as little hidden treats as the food is devoured. 

I hope you try and create this Perfect Fall Charcuterie Gourd yourself!

Clare Zianno

Cal Poly '24

Hi everyone!! I am a 2nd year English major at Cal Poly, editorial staff member at CP Her Campus, and love anything pop culture :)
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