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Finding the perfect study spot is important. Lighting, sound and comfort are all criteria that must be taken into account. Every person is different as to what their ideal study spot is, but for those of you still trying to find a spot, let me help you out. After all, if the day must be spent hidden within a textbook, you might as well enjoy where you are.

1. Rec Center Pool: Since it is spring quarter, one of the obvious choices is to spend the day at the pool. This is a great opportunity to soak up some vitamin D and do homework.

2. Library: If the pool area is too distracting and sound is an important component, then the library is the right place for you. If you walk over to the area parallel to the stairs, you can easily find a spot with an abundance of natural lighting and a view of the lovely San Luis Obispo hills.

3. English Building: In the corner of the English building, there is a small room where anyone is welcome to study. The room has a couch and is conveniently located for students to do some studying before their next class.

4.  The tables behind Sierra Madre: For those of you who are freshmen, check out the tables behind the dorms. These tables make it easy to be productive because it is relatively quiet, while also incorporating the beautiful weather outside.

5. Front Porch: Many students are unaware of this resource. It is located behind the health center, next to the new Newman Catholic Center. Anyone is welcome to stop by for a cup of coffee or spend the afternoon studying out on their patio. For those of you looking for a study break, they also have a variety of events that give students the opportunity to socialize and meet new people.

6. The area behind the business building: Behind the business building, there is a large grassy area and a few benches positioned in the shade. If you are trying to review those flashcards one last time or do some other last minute studying, this area is the place to be. During passing periods, it can get a little distracting with all the people walking by, but for the most part it is a quiet area.

7. The UU balcony: When walking up the stairs of the UU, before you enter inside, turn right. Follow the turn around the building and you will find three tables with an umbrella for each. This is a good spot to study if want some fresh air, but still need a table to work at. Be careful not to get too engulfed in what other people are doing; people watching can be distracting and this is the perfect place to do it.

Julia is a Cal Poly student looking to work in marketing and public relations in the future. She has always identified herself as multicultural. She grew up, spending every summer in the Andes Mountain region of Ecuador, which soon became her second home. These summers inspired her love for the environment and the Latin culture. Today, she enjoys hiking, practicing yoga, and spending her days at the beach.
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