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Are you realizing it’s already April and you haven’t done nearly all the things you’ve wanted to do in SLO? With living in SLO, there are so many hikes, club events, beaches, line dancing clubs, etc. to go to and have fun. For spring quarter I am striking the iron while it’s hot and taking advantage of all these unique experiences while it’s still early. I compiled a list of SLO favorites to hopefully provide some inspiration while you figure out what to do this quarter.

  1. Pirate’s Cove

My first time I went to Pirate’s Cove was with my big sister in my sorority, we went to collect shells and watch the sunset. It was genuinely one of my favorite memories. The cove is so fun to tan, swim, watch the sunset, and hang out with friends. There’s two areas to discover at Pirate’s Cove: one where you can sit atop the rocks and watch the sunset from an opening above the ocean, and the other where you walk down a trail and can swim in a cove. The other day when I went I saw a couple sea lions sleeping on rocks and it was the cutest sight. To go to Pirate’s Cove, look up “Cave Landing” on Maps and thank me later!

  1. Dexter Lawn Thrifting

Dexter Lawn in the spring is especially my favorite place, you see students relaxing under the sun, therapy dogs, and the best thrift pop-ups! I have seriously found some of my favorite closet staples at these pop-ups. I recommend walking a little earlier before class or catching it on the way back. I love the thrifting on Dexter and I know you will too. They generally have booths on the weekdays around 12-4 (times vary, these are the general times I see them set-up). 

  1. Cool House Shows

Can’t go to Shabang this year? It’s okay, house shows are littered in SLO and they have a hype for a reason. I follow @slo.underground on Instagram to get updates on all the live music events. They’re fun to go to with friends and a change of pace if you’re getting tired of the frats every weekend. Just living in SLO has expanded my music taste extensively because of the variety of music here and the memories I’ve made with friends at these shows have been amazing.

  1. Attend a club event out of your comfort zone

Cal Poly has a plethora of niche clubs on campus made for you to get outside your comfort zone and pick up a new activity. For me personally my spring quarter goal is to learn how to surf. That’s why I’m planning on attending Grrrls on Boards events this quarter to get comfortable with surfing. There are so many fun clubs like Surfrider Foundation, Van Life, FITS, Thrift Cal Poly, or an Intramural sport!

  1. Front Porch

Front Porch is truly the gift that keeps on giving. It is conveniently located across from Newman Catholic Center right near the Health Center and the Rec. It’s an amazing study spot, great social area, has free coffee, has free dinner nights, and live music! I went to their Spring Fashion Fair today which was a collaboration with FITS and Sustainable Fashion Club. It was genuinely the best time, I bought clothes with my friend and we stayed after for the live music. The vibes were amazing and I have never felt so present. Highly recommend taking advantage of Front Porch events. Follow their Instagram @frontporchslo to get all the updates. If Front Porch isn’t a part of your week, you’re totally missing out.

This list isn’t the end all be all of spring quarter SLO activities, but hopefully it gives you a bit of a mix of events and activities in your day to day. Have fun with this and share with some friends to spread the SLO joy. There’s a lot to go around, happy spring quarter!

Gianna Vasquez

Cal Poly '27

Gianna Vasquez is a Communication student at Cal Poly SLO. She is planning on pursuing marketing and writing for a magazine company! She is from the California Central Valley and loves to write about lifestyle! Her personal hobbies include reading, scrapbooking, sunset chasing, swimming, and writing!