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Shows to Netflix During Spring Break

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Poly chapter.

If you are anything like me, your plans for spring break consist of enviously looking at your Facebook friend’s pictures showing off their trip to Cabo while lying on couch in your pajamas. But who needs to be soaking up the sun, relaxing on the beach and partying until the early morning when you can barricade yourself in your bedroom for an entire week and bask in the glow of your computer screen, as you stream television shows from Netflix? If you’re having trouble deciding of which television show you should watch copious, unhealthy amounts, fear not, as I have complied a list the shows I have personally binge-watched during past breaks from school.

1) Breaking Bad:

Seriously, if you haven’t already watched Breaking Bad you need to evaluate and prioritize your life (I am only half kidding about this — it’s that good of a show). Watching the meek, soft-spoken Walter White transform into the monstrous Heisenberg is a masterpiece within itself. I will leave you with this warning though: watching Breaking Bad non-stop may cause you to adopt the somewhat vulgar vernacular of Walter’s partner in crime, Jesse.

2) Orange is the New Black:

Watching privileged Piper make a fool of herself during her stint in a woman’s prison can be cringe-worthy at best. However, what makes this Netflix original show shine is the supporting characters’ stories, which emotionally detail how exactly this diverse group of women managed to become incarcerated.

3) Bob’s Burgers:

This strange, sweet show is by far the best animated comedy on television. The Belchers, a dysfunctional yet supportive family, barely manage to make their failing burger restaurant stay afloat. Although each member of the family is quirky and endearing, my personal favorite is the eldest daughter Tina, monotonously voiced by Dan Mintz, who is obsessed with cute boy’s butts, horses and zombies.

4) Parks and Recreation:

By the creators of The Office, this whimsical mock documentary will make you literally fall in love with waffles, miniature ponies and men who write Star Trek fan fiction. While its first season was rocky (I would consider skipping it altogether), the rest of the show is full of humor and heart.

5) Firefly:

Who doesn’t want to watch a show about cowboys in space? This short-lived Joss Whedon series consists of fourteen amazing episodes recounting the lives a group of thieving vagabonds in the year 2517. If you enjoyed the humor seen throughout Whedon’s other projects (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Avengers) this gritty, futuristic show is for you.

6) It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia:

Detailing the sad, savage and to a degree sociopathic lives of bar owners Charlie, Denise, Sweet Dee, Mac and Frank, this grungy sitcom has been described as Seinfeld on steroids. The break-out character of It’s Always Sunny is by all accounts Charlie, whose love of cheese and ghouls is only outweighed by his desire to date an extremely uninterested waitress. Basically, it’s a perfect comedy for those who love watching horrible people make horrible decisions.

7) Spaced:

This late 1990s surreal sitcom marks the first time Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World’s End) shared screen time with each other. Pegg stars as Tim, an aspiring comic book artist who shares a flat with his friend Daisy, a young, failing writer (she’s essentially the prototype Hannah, from Girls.) The show explores what it means to be in your mid-twenties when you haven’t quite figured out adulthood yet.

8) American Horror Story:

Watch this show, starring the ever-so-wonderful Jessica Lange, with the lights on. Although there is an occasional sprinkling of humor, Ryan Murray’s macabre masterpiece is full of gore and creepy, nightmare-inducing moments.

I am a 3rd year English here at Cal Poly. I have a passions for all things pop culture, dogs and feminism.
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