The Quarters vs. Semesters Debate


We've all heard the rumors about Cal Poly's infamous quarter system possibly fading away and transitioning to semesters. 

President Jeffrey Armstrong favors semesters but the Semester Review Task Force, a committee of 24 student representatives, voted in favor of the existing quarter system. 

The final decision on the potential switch will come from CSU Chancellor Timothy White. But current Cal Poly students need not worry about dealing with the switch. If we change to semesters, it will happen seven to eleven years in the future. 

Before the chancellor makes his decision, ASI is giving students a voice with a Student Advisory Vote. To cast your vote, log into your Cal Poly portal and click on the advisory vote logo. Students have until 7 a.m. tomorrow to vote. 

ASI says they will be releasing the results of the vote tomorrow. 

With the results from the advisory vote, the ASI Board of Directors will make a final recommendation to President Armstrong. 

The Academic Senate, which represents faculty from all colleges, will also provide a recommendation on the switch. Like the students, the Academic Senate is expected to endorse quarters. 

Regardless of the recommendations from the Academic Senate, the Task Force and the student advisory vote, the Chancellor may still ultimately decide to switch to semesters. 

Have you voted yet? Comment below with your thoughts on quarters versus semesters. What do collegiettes want?