Poly Places: Woods Humane Society

The purring of relaxed cats and excited barks of playful dogs echo throughout the walls of the Woods Humane society everyday.

Visitors stop by either to adopt, or simply to play with these animals. Small families and couples wander through the cat rooms, peeking into the boxes to find bright green eyes and fuzzy tails nuzzled into small spaces. Others may find cats stretched out on the floor, waiting quietly for a belly rub. On each cat collar, the social level is indicated based on color. Volunteers at the Woods Humane Society assess the cats’ behavior, rank their reactions based on a scale, and then determine which social level fits them.

As for the dogs, their energy levels and social behavior is displayed on a card outside of their stall. For those looking to adopt a dog, the card provides information like “good with children” or “needs her/his own space.” From breeds like husky mixes, chihuahuas to Australian shepherds, the shelter offers a versatile range of dogs. All of the animals in the Woods Humane Society are homeless, some there because their owners can no longer provide for them or for other matters.

It is the mission of the Woods Humane Society to reduce overpopulation of pets and promote the ethical treatment of these animals. Whether you’re a looking to adopt a house pet, or in need of some down-time and a stress-free atmosphere, the Woods Humane Society is an open space for interaction with animals.

The shelter is located on 875 Oklahoma Avenue, off of Santa Rosa in San Luis Obispo.