Poly Places: Bowl'd

I was hesitant to fall to the acai bowl fad. They seemed to be receiving more hype than they deserved. How good can they actually be? Wouldn’t the smoothie melt after just a few bites? I always thought they were very impractical. But boy was I wrong…

Bowl’d, an acai bowl restaurant, is new to downtown San Luis Obispo, so naturally my friends and I went to check it out (leaving behind our pretentious thoughts about acai). My life changed that day for the better. I ordered the Paradise Bowl and instantly fell in love with the cool, healthy, filling, refreshing snack. Acai is known for its health benefits, including boosting your immune system which is always a plus for college students living on very little sleep.

This American-adapted Brazilian dish consists of granola, smoothie and fresh fruit. The hidden granola at the bottom is my favorite part of the bowl. There are many different variations of smoothie mix and fruit toppings to choose from at Bowl’d. Each one sounds just as delicious as the next!

Bowl’d was created by the owners of Kreuzberg and Batch. The atmosphere in the restaurant is relaxed and inviting. I felt as if I was sitting on the beach. The natural sunlight pours in through the tall windows, and the rustic feel of the metal and brick make it feel like home. It is great place to hang out with friends, do some homework and grab a delicious meal.

The best part of these bowls is the way they make you feel afterwards. You feel like you did something great for your body. They are so unbelievably satisfying...and addicting. I went back to get my acai fix the following three consecutive weeks. I would highly recommend Bowl’d for your next downtown adventure. Acai bowls will most likely become one of your favorite foods, and you will inevitably turn into one of those people that raves about them.