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Peter Gonzalez: KCPR News Director and MTV Ambassador

Name: Peter Gonzalez 

Year/Major: 4th year journalism student with a broadcast concentration 

What organizations are you involved in on-campus? 

“I am involved with KCPR, which is the on-campus radio station, as their News Director. I oversee the news team and produce a thrice-a-week, 60-minute news show. I am also involved in the on-campus newsroom, Mustang News, where I am the KCPR liason acting as the sole voice between the two organizations. I also work at Starbucks where I am your friendly neighborhood barista and fellow caffiene addict. Seriously… I love Starbucks.”

How did you get involved with MTV? 

“One day I saw a tweet asking for MTV Ambassador applications–they were due that day. I immediately applied and eventually I became one of the 18 ambassadors nationwide. I write one article a month and I partcipate in weekly round-table discussions covering topics ranging from politics to relationships and everything in between.”

What fires you up? 

“People who are passionate are super inspiring to me. Living actively and doing something with your life is awesome… LIVE PEOPLE!”

What does the future of Peter Gonzalez look like? 

“I 100 percent plan on being the next Oprah. I want to host a daily talk show and who knows, maybe I can dictate the next president! There is a void in television for my voice. I want to have an platform to inspire and spotlight passionate people and shed light on issues that deserve attention. This is basically what I do on my talkshow at KCPR, but one day I hope to have a much larger audience. “

Peter’s talk show, “Conversations” airs every Wednesday at midnight on KCPR, 91.3. 


Junior at Cal Poly, SLO. Co-Campus Correspondent. Lover of dogs and laughter. Music Enthusiast.