Mother Nature is Asking You to Think About Her Before Your Instagram Feed

We all crave that Instagram photo that we can caption “Spring has sprung,” but at what cost? This years’ exceptionally rainy winter lead to a super bloom that has given rise to infinite photo opportunities in beautiful fields of flowers. But due to the amount of tourist traffic through these fields, the flowers are getting damaged.


We lay in those fields as if they’re meant to be our background, but when we get up the sight isn’t so pretty.


Image via Unsplash


Lake Elsinore, a famous super bloom spot, had to shut down in mid March due to the overflow of visitors and damage to the poppy flowers. Paths and dead patches were created as a result of people stomping and sitting through the field.


The damage done to the flower fields by visitors both walking through the fields and laying in the beds may prevent this same bloom from happening next year, or even prevent the bloom from lasting through this spring season.


Don’t worry, there are still ways to capture these fields and bask in their beauty. Instead of taking photos in the blooms, capture photos of them! Appreciate mother nature’s beauty without damaging it to ensure we’ll all have this same opportunity next spring.