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Meet Student-Athlete Adventurer KJ Logue

Meet KJ Logue, a Siddhartha and Calvin and Hobbes enthusiast and this week’s Campus Celebrity!

Name: KJ Logue

Major: Business with a concentration in Financial Management

Year: 3rd year transfer

HC: Where did you go to school before?

KJ: I went to a private school called Dominican University of California in Marin County my freshman year, and then Yuba College, a junior college just north of my home in Sacramento.

HC: Did you play basketball at those schools?

KJ: Yes ma’am. Dominican is an NCAA division 2 school in the PacWest conference and Yuba is in the Bay Valley Conference where I helped Yuba win its 8th consecutive conference championship.

HC: What position do you play?

KJ: Anywhere between shooting guard, small forward or power forward. This year I’ve been playing a lot of small forward.

HC: Is it hard to balance athletics and academics?

KJ: It can be if you aren’t very proactive about everything. You need to be very good at communicating with your teachers because you’ll be missing class often. I missed the entire first week of the quarter and needed to learn all of my course material on my own. And that’s tough because the last thing you want to do after a hard four- hour practice is read your super dry textbooks. I probably spend more time sleeping with my face in my textbooks than I do sleeping on a pillow.

HC: Do you do anything to decompress or de-stress?

KJ: I dabble with yoga and meditation. I’m not very good at it, but it relaxes my regularly sore muscles and my usually restless mind. I read a lot of books also. Classic philosophical books and books that tend to pertain to self-improvement.

HC: What would be the three books you’d take if you were stranded on a desert island?

KJ: Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. I’d probably have to burn them to stay warm, lol. Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. Paradise Lost by John Milton. The complete series of Calvin and Hobbes.

HC: What has been your favorite experience/memory since coming to SLO?

KJ: I’ve had a lot of fun at Montana de Oro. I’ve been three times so far and each time I’ve done some serious exploring on the beach and up the mountain trails.

HC: Is there anything on your SLO bucket list you still want to see or do?

KJ: I really want to surf at some point, but I also don’t want to get eaten by a shark so I’ll play that one by ear.

I'm just a SoCal kind of gal who loves the sunshine. I just transferred to Cal Poly SLO and so far I'm digging it. Like many an English major before me, I like reading and writing, but I also really love movies, magazines, tv, blogs, etc. When I'm not consuming media some hobbies of mine that actually involve me going outside and moving are yoga, sailing, and playing with other people's dogs.
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