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How to Survive Being Single for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again, with Christmas right around the corner. Couples are scramming to throw together last minute gifts for each other, and they’re worried about who’s going to be their New Year’s kiss. Then there’s us: the single girls. Do you have the holiday blues? Well here are some tips on how to survive being single this holiday season.

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1. Shop around. You’re single, and there’s lots of single boys. Go out and have fun. If you’re home for the holidays then take this as an opportunity to drink with all your old friends, maybe run into an old fling, but do not sit at home and wonder why you’re single. This is why you’re single.

2. Eat. What an amazing time of year where baggy sweaters are your best friend along with a stretchy set of leggings. A few extra pounds won’t kill you and besides, that’s what the Rec Center is for. When you see all the sweet treats out at holiday parties, indulge! It’s finally winter. No one expects to see you in a bikini, and food is good for the single girl’s soul.

3. DO NOT get lonely and call your ex. Just because engagement rings have been blowing up your news feed does not mean YOU need someone in your life. There’s a reason it’s over and let it be. Don’t let the sentimental feelings of the holidays make you cave. Remember, you are not that desperate.

4. Always look on the bright side. Sure, sometimes it’s hard being the only single girl invited for a night out with your best friends and their boyfriends, but it’s really not so bad. You don’t have to worry about buying a boyfriend those snowboarding pants you can’t afford or that watch he’s been wanting, that you really can’t afford either, but you do get to listen to your friends complain about having to do it and beg you to go Christmas shopping with them. Yay for you!

5. Focus on others. Sure, maybe you don’t have that significant other to spend time with but focus on the one’s you do have, friends and family. Remember, they’re the ones who have been there over the years, not some silly imaginary boy you’ve dreamed up to make your life perfect. These boys do not exist. Learn this now and you learn the secret to a single girl’s happiness.

6. Lastly, be single. Enjoy it. Who knows where you’ll be next holiday season. You don’t want to look back when you’re married with kids and regret how you spent your sacred single holidays. Live life to the fullest with no regrets. Girls often take being single for grated, don’t make that mistake and be one of them.


This post was contributed by Shelley Westerson, a junior journalism major.

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