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How to Still Get Some When You & Your Partner Have Roommates

You’ve done it -  after all your failed attempts at Tinder and lonely, frustrating nights, you’ve finally found someone you want to engage intimately. Even better, they feel the same way about you! There’s only one problem: both you and your suitor have roommates.

But don’t let that stop you! You’ve worked so hard to get to this point, and dang nabbit, you’re not about to let a trifle like this stand in your way. Here’s how you can get still get laid, without incurring the ire of your roommates.


Your roommates have to leave your place sometime – the same goes for your partners’. Who knows, maybe they want to get it on with someone else, hopefully someone with their own room. Even if they don’t, people leave homes for a variety of reasons, like class, work, or social activities. Find out when they leave, then plan to meet up with your partner during those times. Sure, you lose some of the spontaneity of sex when you plan it, but hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Remember, planned sex is better than no sex.  

Get Out

If you can’t get together with your partner when the roommates are out, maybe you should be the ones to get out. “But if we can’t go to our rooms, where is there to go?” I can hear you ask. Oh ye of little imagination! There’s a whole wide world out there for you and your partner to explore. Of course, your options may be a little bit more limited than the whole world – not everyone is down for public copulation. But you’re still free to go on your own raunchy adventure. Take an opportunity to explore someplace new with this person you (presumably) like, then settle down for sexy time at a hotel or Airbnb – as long as you’re courteous and clean up after yourselves. Or if you want to be cheap, you can get a tent and forge the great outdoors to find the perfect spot for your lovemaking.

Build Your Own Space

Here’s where you can really get creative on your quest for sex. Got a backyard? If you don’t want to go through all the effort of real camping, make your own little campsite in it. It’s all the same outside anyway. Got a living room or a den? Build yourself a blanket fort! It’s like a slumber party, but sexier. Don’t limit yourself by thinking that beds are the only places you can bang. And if you’re setting up your love nest in a shared space, make sure you check in with those who also use it. Not only does this minimize the chances of them walking in unawares during the act, but there’s also a chance that they might not be comfortable with you performing coitus in an area they use regularly.

Play the Sexile Card

Although a classic solution to the age-old roommate dilemma, I would recommend using this strategy as a last resort. People don’t usually appreciate being forced out of their residences. It’s important to remember that if you do get your roommate to leave, they’re the one doing YOU a favor. Be grateful! After all, they have as much of a right to your room as you do. You can offer to take over some extra chores to repay them, or make them a nice meal to show your gratitude. And don’t kick them out too often – frequent sexiling is a surefire way to build up resentment in roommates.


This last suggestion isn’t really a strategy so much as it is a blanket rule which applies to all of the above. Part of what makes sex in shared rooms so complicated are all of the players involved: you, your partner, your roommates, and your partner’s roommates. You might feel a little strange sharing your lustful intentions with your roommates, but getting your room to yourself will be so much easier if they’re sympathetic to your cause. Plus, there’s no shame in wanting some alone time with a person you’re attracted to, and your roommates will likely understand. Who knows, they might end up in the same situation as you someday!

So arm yourself with this knowledge, my horny sister, and go get some!


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