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How to Stay Motivated for Spring Quarter

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Poly chapter.

Don’t let the recent rain deceive you — spring quarter is here to stay (temporarily).

While you may already be in summer mode, there are only a couple months left that require you to strap yourself in and finish strong in the academic year.

This may seem hard to do. Spring break was more than a tease, and now that you’re back on campus, your mind is filled with thoughts of sunshine and the beach. Only nine weeks stand on your way. Nine short weeks, Cal Poly collegiettes. You can do it.

While spring quarter holds promise of last-minute jaunts to Avila on a beautiful Saturday morning or quick camping trips to Big Sur for a night or two, it is important to stay on top of schoolwork and find a balance. Here are some tips to stay motivated in the next couple months before freedom.

Prioritize assignments

While this might be stating the obvious, it is extremely beneficial to be organized and create a to-do list. Establish what and when tasks needs to be done an help relieve your anxiety. Don’t procrastinate and wait until the last minute to get your project done. Plan ahead, be smart and leave some time to go to the beach in between.

Develop alternative study places

The weather is a great excuse to take your studying to places that winter quarter didn’t let you enjoy! Dexter Lawn is a perfect place to release some stress, kick back and pull out your flashcards. It’s also my personal favorite.

Enjoying the sunshine is still doable if you find a place where you are not distracted and can focus your energy on your work.

Study with other people 

There is no harm in getting a study group together, just remember to accomplish what you set out to do: actually study! Surrounding yourself with people who can help you understand the material will make studying more enjoyable and help you work more efficiently.

Don’t lose the social aspect this quarter! Get lunch with some friends and then head to the library.

Work out

It’s known that working out helps you reduce stress, and I believe in this fully. A quick trip to the Recreation Center can help you feel like you can handle your classes.

Remember to breathe and take it day by day. Your physical health is just as important as your mental health. Hike, swim or just take a walk. There are many physical exercises you can engage in that will help you relax and enjoy the weather.

Stay positive

I bet you expected this one. While positivity is something that we shrug off because it is such common advice, it should be a top priority.

Envision yourself succeeding. Try your best in your classes so you can know that you gave it your all. The more optimistic you are about the future, the better things will seem. Don’t mourn what could have been. Work hard in school, make a schedule and smile.

It’s the last quarter, so why not go out with a bang?

Samantha is a second year journalism student at Cal Poly. On campus, she is a staff writer for the Mustang News, editor for Her Campus Cal Poly, a board member on the American Marketing Association and plays intramural soccer. She loves to write, wear pajamas and re-watch episodes of The Office on Netflix. She aspires to have a career in broadcast journalism or law and hopes to someday travel around the world.
Kayla Missman is a sophomore studying journalism at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Beyond serving as Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Cal Poly, she works at Mustang News, the college newspaper, as a reporter and copy editor. Follow her on Twitter @kaymissman.