How to Mix Up Your Style This Spring

Are you tired of wearing the same old clothes and wishing for a bit of inspiration? Your style shouldn’t have to conform to strict categories. Let’s take the basic rules and guidelines and mix them to create more dynamic and interesting outfits that will cure your fashion slump.


Grunge + Boho

For this look, we suggest starting with a boho base like a whimsical dress and adding edgier accessories like combat boots or leather jackets to add more dimension.



Outdoorsy + Retro

Did someone say Patagonia? For this combination, try to find vintage pieces from outdoor brands you love. A 70’s era pullover plus some classic baggies are sure to make you look like a stylish forest babe. Colorful windbreakers have also come back into style and add a fun layer. Remember to keep comfort and coziness in mind for this style.




Monochrome + Patterns

To avoid looking like a crayon, we suggest sticking to a color scheme rather than a single shade. For example, rather than dressing in all red, include pinks, maroons, and peaches. Breaking up the color with stripes, interesting textures, and other patterns helps add more dimension.




Pajamas/Lingerie + Daytime Wear

One of my favorite (and comfiest) shirts was found in the Target pajama section. Who’s to say that we can only wear certain clothes to bed? If it’s cute, wear it!





Preppy + Grunge

These two styles are practically opposites, but when mixed together, somehow work and create fresh, interesting new looks. You have a lot of freedom to emphasize one side or the other of this spectrum. Mix plaid, tweed, and collars with a black base to achieve this style combination.




Minimalist + Eclectic

For this look, start off with a plain white tee and black jeans, then add a fun statement piece of your choosing. Having the majority of the outfit be basic balances the addition of a fun accessory so that you don’t look too crazy. Play around with funky accessories that are a little bit out there. Fashion should always be expressive, creative and fun.



All images via Pinterest