How to Dress So Ugly That It's Actually Cute

Let’s all agree that we don’t need a particular season or some excuse to have a lazy outfit day. It’s college and it’s crucial that we all master the perfect “just rolled out of bed look,” when we have, in fact, just rolled out of bed. But, the good news is that this look doesn’t always have to be tragic. So, without further ado, this is how to dress so ugly that it somehow looks good.

1.Oversized everything

We’re talking hoodies. We’re talking T- Shirts. We’re talking sweaters. Oversized tops give off a very casual vibe, are super comfortable, and even though they don’t fit, they are somehow still flattering. Try to find ones that go past your hips and even hit your thighs. If you’re wearing shorts and your top covers the shorts, Go with it! Baggy shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts are one of the best ways to make it look like you don’t care about your outfit while still looking cute and being comfortable. It’s a win-win situation.

2. High Socks

If you have socks that show out of your shoes and have crazy patterns on them, they are key in a lazy day ensemble. Socks that are hidden by your shoes are officially irrelevant. Match a pair of patterned socks over a pair of black leggings or shorts and it’s a look. Bonus points if the socks are fuzzy!

3. Birkenstocks

Just a classic comfortable shoe that has somehow become trendy. But, for the purpose of comfort, we are not going to question why. This is the perfect shoe that finds a balance between comfort and style.

4. Joggers

Since joggers are tight at the bottom, they are perfect to put a pair of tall socks over. Joggers provide all the comfort of sweatpants while still giving you some shape.

5. Patterned leggings

Step away from the black and try something new. If you’re leggings are bright or patterned, make sure to choose a simple top so that you don’t over do it. Choosing a strange pair of leggings can make it look like your outfit wasn’t really thought out, but they still hug your body perfectly and provide comfort like any other standard pair of leggings. This makes your outfit look lazy, while still making you look great!

Now that you know how to pull off looking lazy but somewhat put together, you’re ready to conquer finals season!