How to Break Away from Cal Poly Fashion Trends


We all live such busy and hectic lives as college students that sometimes our wardrobe creativity can take a back seat. However, with a few simple tricks and updates on the latest fashion trends, you don't have to fall victim to the same old trends seen here at Cal Poly. Here’s how to trade in those common Cal Poly fashion trends for some new ones:


Rainbow sandals. If you just so happen to be walking to class on a sunny afternoon at Cal Poly, chances are you’ll see a couple dozen feet wearing Rainbow flip-flops. While they may vary in newness and shades of brown, the Rainbow flip-flop has taken over Cal Poly. There's even a rack of them in the campus store to choose from!


As the weather starts to heat up and sandals become a necessity, it might be a good idea to start switching it up from your usual Rainbow choices. Here are some cute sandals to keep in mind.


While Birkenstocks may still be a common sight here at Cal Poly, the variety of colors and styles allow you to make a fashion statement while still being practical.

(Arizona Soft Footbed Black Birko-Flor, Available at Birkenstock, $110)


(Birkenstock Florida Triple Strap Copper Regular Fit Flat Sandals, Available at ASOS, $64.95)

Brands like Steve Madden also offer a wide variety of styles and trends for those warm summer months when sandals are a necessity.

(SPARRA Sandal, Available at Steve Madden, $69.95)


With the amount of Lululemon leggings here at Cal Poly, you would think the store must be giving out its clothes for free. However, that’s definitely not the case and those hundreds of girls walking around in Lululemon definitely dropped over $100 for those plain black leggings. So, if you want to give your wallet a break or just break away from the Lululemon craze here at Cal Poly, then check out these other great fitness brands.


Spruce up your workout outfits (or casual Friday looks) with some color and crazy prints. These great workout brands will definitely give you the motivation to hit the gym.


Without Walls is Urban Outfitters’ new athleisure brand. It features unique leggings, crazy prints and super cute sports bras.

(Without Walls Crisscross Legging, Available at Urban Outfitters, $69)

(Without Walls Pop Elastic Racerback Bra, Available at Urban Outfitters, $49)   


Athleta is a brand tailored to your fitness needs. It has leggings, shorts, sports bras and shirts tailored to the activity you’ll be doing, whether it be hiking, yoga, paddle boarding, triathlons or running, Athleta’s got it.

(Shadow Stripe Energize Tank, Available at Athleta, $59.00)

(High Rise Indigo Geo Chaturanga Capri, Available at Athleta, $74.00)


It’s understandable that sometimes it’s hard to wake up in the morning and find the motivation to put on anything else besides a sweatshirt. However, just because you go to Cal Poly, doesn’t mean that said sweatshirt has to be a Cal Poly sweatshirt. I mean school pride is great, but it doesn’t hurt to switch up your sweatshirt choices every once and while.


While the idea of a sweatshirt may not seem like a unique fashion choice, there are ways to be bold and comfortable while wearing a sweatshirt. Here are some unique sweatshirt choices to spruce up your look.


Obey was founded by graffiti artist and skateboarder Shepard Fairey, who created the brand to extend his work in activism while also commenting on social and political issues. A brand with such a unique background of course produces clothes which are just as unique as its upbringing.

(Obey Posse Crewneck, Available at Obey, $64)

(Obey Day of the Dead Burgundy Crew Neck Sweatshirt, Available at Zumiez, $59.95)  


Topshop is a British clothing retailer with recent expansion to the United States. It features stylish pieces from its own Topshop brand as well as one of a kind fashions from other brands.

(Lucky in Kentucky Sweat by Project Social T, Available at Topshop, $58.00)

(Houndstooth Hoody, Available at Topshop, $68.00)

So, if you’re ever feeling in a fashion rut or want to break away from the Cal Poly crowd, remember there are plenty of ways to spice up your wardrobe and reflect your own uniqueness!